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Exploding Cinema


Doors 7:00pm

Admission: £6 on the door

Providing physical and spiritual homes for the comfort of students, pioneers, outsiders, climbers, radicals and mystics since the early 90s. We are still here. The necessity of kicking out the jams and against the pricks has never been more urgent. Fight the power! Don’t believe the hype – create your own!

We invite you to come and taste the sweet and bitter juices of this year’s fruit at this, our last London screening until the autumn. Fifteen-odd films (some very odd) to make you angry, sorrowful, laugh, cry, grimace and possibly even shudder with excitement… Film-makers will be present, conversation will be had, bankers, politicians and priests will be vilified, bottles will be spilt…

‘Thanks so much for all of it - the night, the concept, the initiative, the welcoming atmosphere, the politics, all of it… and more.

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