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Babble&Squeak is an occasional event that celebrates improvised music, sound art and spontaneous composition. Offering a platform to both established and more recent performers active on the British and European improv scene Babble provides a space in which the sheer exuberance of live improvised music becomes a vehicle for celebration, collaboration and self-discovery.


In this manifestation the players will include – Christopher Hill, Phil Durrant, Graham Dunning, Eggblood, Martin Vishnick, Martin Clarke, Stephan Barrett, Sebastian Sterkowicz, Nick Branton, Kostas Chondros, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, John Eyles, Ed Shipsey, Adam Kinsey, Sam Enthoven, David O’Connor, Tarik Haskic, Andrew Ciccone, Dave Fowler, Sam Enthoven, Adam Kinsey, Alec Kronacker, Alan Newcombe, Matsui Keisuke, Tony James Morton, John Eyles, Sylvia Hallett…and others to be announced.

Players will perform in small ensembles curated by Christopher Hill.

Babble&Squeak is promoted by DiscountGnostic©.

Entry on the door £7 or by donation.