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Caught by the River



Following on from Caught by the River events at the venue last year with Kate Carr, Ultramarine, Strange Attractor Press and Neu! Reekie, the nature and culture site takes over the Horse Hospital on Tuesday 13th March from 7pm for a night of music and film that features:

Dead Flows the Don: A magical odyssey up-river by David Bramwell Mixing moving image, music and storytelling, David takes a personal journey up the Don to uncover the occult secrets of our waterways, battling his own thalassophobia (fear of what lurks beneath). David is an author, a musician and a Sony Award winning presented for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4.

Watch the trailer for Dead Flows the Don here.

Jim Ghedi Living in the Moss Valley – the abandoned and forgotten area on the edgelands of South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire – it makes perfect sense that Jim Ghedi’s music feels both fluidly transient yet deeply rooted to a sense of place. Jim’s second album A Hymn for Ancient Land was released in January 2018, gained 4* in the FT who described it as “landscape music, a close relative of landscape art.”

DJ on the night will be Stephen Cracknell (the Memory Band); MC will be John Andrews (Stephen and John’s recent collaboration was featured on Caught by the River earlier this month).