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Warn Them of The Danger

A theatrical, visceral collage exploring the boundaries of violence and belief based upon the 1957 story of alien contactee James Cooke, from Runcorn, Cheshire. Written by Claire Monica Burgess and Raymond Waring, with music by Peter Cattermoul.


Doors 7.00pm

Suggested donation £10

Drawing from the lives, manifestos and works of James Cooke, Sankichi Toga, Flying Saucer Review, Jack the Ripper, C.A. Conrad, Yoko Ono, Kathy Chang(e), and Daniel J. Clay. 

On 7th September 1957,  James Cooke, a furniture salesman, claimed to have been taken from Runcorn, Cheshire by aliens to a planet named Zomdic. On Zomdic he was given a stark message for the human race ‘Warn them of the danger’. 

On his ‘return’ to Earth, Cooke founded ‘The Church of Aquarius’ in Runcorn, dedicated to warning the human race of the danger of nuclear weapons and the destruction of the planet’s ecology. 

'Warn Them Of The Danger' is a theatrical, visceral collage using Cooke's remarkable story to explore the boundaries of violence and belief.

Written and compiled by Runcorn natives Claire Monica Burgess and  Raymond Waring with music by Peter Cattermoul.

Claire Monica Burgess is a poet, writer and translator living and working in Berlin after a long adult love affair with Paris. Inspired by ancient mysteries, astrology and the natural world, her current body of work ‘Scar Poetry' can be experienced at

Peter Cattermoul is a musician and composer, and member of indie pop band Teleman

Raymond Waring is best known for his work as an actor with Michael Winterbottom and Steve Coogan, on the films ‘Twenty Four Hour Party People’,A Cock & Bull Story’ and ‘The Look of Love’ and recently with Jacques Audiard on ‘The Sisters Brothers’. He is the founder of Marilynmachine, and previous work includes ‘Marilynmachine’ in collaboration with the late, great Peter Whitehead, and ‘Have You Eyes?’ a piece marking the 80th Anniversary of the battle of Cable Street.