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Terminal O - A Compost Pile of Analysis & Desire


EXHIBITION: Tuesday 19th March – Saturday 23rd March 2019, Mon - Sat, 12-6pm 

OPENING: Monday 18th March, 6 - 9pm  

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS: various times - see below

Terminal O is a clinically tender compost pile of analysis and desire. It is also a group exhibition of 18 Contemporary Art Practice students from the Royal College of Art. Shapeshifting between geometry and orgasm, caught in the temporal glitch of a stillborn political momentum, Terminal O traces familiar and unfamiliar patterns of sense-making until it bites its own tail. 

With work by:

Gabriella Davies, Genevieve Leong, Léonie Sinden, Name Surname, George Wong Yung Choon, Vinona Joneska, Andrea Khôra, JeeMin Kim, Dasha Loyko, Céline Manz & Jakob Warmenbol, John Henry Newton, Marijn Ottenhof, Ralph Pritchard, Flo Ray, Károly Tendl, Viviana Troya, Xiaoran Wu, TaeGyeong Yoon

Curated by Dasha Loyko, Andrea Khôra, Károly Tendl

Poster design by Ralph Pritchard

20 March: Workshops

Please email to book.

Tracing Thoughts with Vinona Joneska (2.5h) 


An experiment with the materiality of language. 

Love Letter Writing Workshop with Dasha Loyko and Flo Ray (2.5h) 


A writing workshop that will entail exercises to investigate the form of the love letter and a discussion on what the love letter is and can be, drawing on examples from literature and the artists’ own writing. The workshop will look at a broader definition of the love letter as a tool for writing through devotion to a person or an object, focusing on the distance, tragedy and triangulation within desire.

Exercises in New Sight with Andrea Khôra (1.5h)


Come experience extra-perception at this workshop by participating in parapsychology exercises meant to enhance psychic and remote viewing capabilities. How can focusing inward enable us to project beyond human sight capabilities and what can we learn by reaching outside ourselves?

22 March: Terminal O Live

6:30 PM

A night of screenings, readings, and performances.

With work by:

Vinona Joneska

JeeMin Kim

Dasha Loyko

John Henry Newton

Marijn Ottenhof

Ralph Pritchard

Károly Tendl

Viviana Troya

Xiaoran Wu

TaeGyeong Yoon

23 March: Reading Room

From 1PM

Publications by:

Vinona Joneska

Jeemin Kim

Dasha Loyko

Céline Manz

Flo Ray

Viviana Troya