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LIAF 2018: Late Night Bizarre

Image:   Coyote,   Lorenz Wunderle (2018)

Image: Coyote, Lorenz Wunderle (2018)

Doors Open 9pm

Please note: 18+ (contains violence, coarse language, sex scenes and drug use)

Tickets £7 / £5 concs

Our ever-popular programme Music Video programme screens just before this one at 7:30pm. You can buy tickets for both screenings for just £12 + booking fee.

LIAF’s annual walk on the wild side screening the most twisted films to emerge this year. This ever-popular Late Night Bizarre programme is a bunch of anti-classics guaranteed to be as far away from Disney as its possible to get. A dirty fistful of 16 of the weirdest, wildest, most demented films hand-picked from the 2,600 entered.

Films Screening:


A beautiful ode to a simple donkey that gave his all – his ALL – for the sake of the children.

Canada 2017 Dir: Ben Meinhardt 1min


1st Day and Next Minute

Beware the giant tongued rabbit – unless, of course, giant tongue is what you seek.

 Denmark 2017 Dir: Sara Koppel 2min



A beach outing takes a gruesome turn when triplets play a prank on their father.

UK/Canada 2018 Dir: Ben Mitchell 5min


Death Van

A space-rock musical duo performs in a miniature world inhabited by surreal critters and a menacing and mischievous being. Truly bonkers!

Canada 2017 Dir: Michael Enzbrunner 6min


Those Progressive Meats

An oozing, miscued slither towards a dubious enlightenment.

 Japan 2017 Dir: Minoru Karasube 4min


Food For Fraught

Breakfast as the ultimate hellishly hilarious freak show spectacle!

Australia 2017 Dir: Reid McManus 2min



A coyote loses his family to a vicious attack by wolves. Tormented by fear, anger and grief, he sees a chance to avenge his family...

Switzerland 2018 Dir: Lorenz Wunderle 10min


Parasitic Endeavours

Computationally simulated transformations and mutations of the human body.

Austria 2017 Dir: Simon Christoph Krenn 2min


Wank Sock

There's a time to squeeze and there's a time to just wait and see what will pop out.

Australia 2017 Dir: Annie Murray 5min



A young woman explores a dating app in the future

USA 2017 Dir: Jack Wedge 9min



Love and sex the Svirsky way. In other words very rude, explicit and weird!

Russia/Estonia 2017 Dir: Sasha Svirsky 2min



The haunting and haunted hunter is searching for something that he may never find. A twisted jazz soundtrack sets the scene for this neo-noir mystery.

Japan 2017 Dir: Ryoji Yamada 9min


Perfect Town

Everybody aspires to be a good citizen in this Perfect Town – but if you’re not quite right you go back to the end of the line.

Switzerland 2017 Dir: Anais Voirol 4min



A surreal observation of modern queer society.

UK 2018 Dir: Cheng Hsu-Chung 6min



Unlike anything you’ve seen before! A man must race through hell and back.

USA 2018 Dir: Jeron Braxton 6min


Total Eclipse

The first twinges of a sweet and simple love borne out of shared physical mutations.

 USA 2017 Dir: Noah Malone 4min

The London International Animation Festival (LIAF 2018) returns for it’s 15th edition to the Horse Hospital over 3 nights – Thursday 6/Friday 7/Saturday 8 December – with 6 eclectic and inspiring screenings and talks with some of the most creative minds working in animation today.

Independent animation is very much alive and kicking and continues to thrive and develop with a breathtaking medley of styles, materials, techniques and genres. From hand drawn, paint on glass, collage and sculpture, to cut-outs, puppets, abstract and sand/salt – LIAF 2018 showcases all of this. Join us at the Horse Hospital and see these latest mini-masterpieces.

For full details on the LIAF 2018 programme please go to the LIAF website at

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