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LIAF 2018: Best of the Next - Programme 2

Image:   Tango of Longing   Marta Szymanska (2018)

Image: Tango of Longing Marta Szymanska (2018)

Doors Open 9pm

Tickets £7 / £5 concs

Best of the Next Programme 2 screens just before this one at 7:30pm. You can buy tickets for both screenings for just £12 + booking fee.

Selected from 60 graduate showreels and almost 30 countries this is a look at the best student work and first professional films from all around the world – the first step on the animation ladder for these talented filmmakers, and the first time their wild and wonderful imaginations have been unleashed.

12 films. Total running time 65 minutes.

Films Screening:

Tango of Longing

A stunning hand-painted depiction of the nature of tango – passionate, erotic but tinged with melancholy and a longing for satisfaction that may never be fulfilled.

Poland 2018 Dir: Marta Szymanska 5min

Polish National Film School



Winner of over 30 awards at festivals worldwide

After a flood, some fish are stuck in the trees.  They scream for help. Awakened by the noise, the inhabitants of a neighbouring cave do not appreciate this unexpected encounter.

Germany 2017 Dir: Jonatan Schwenk 10min

HFG Offenbach


Little Star

Nine-year-old Alexis is going to travel on a train by himself for the first time. At the same moment, thousands of miles away, a space probe is preparing to wake up.

 France 2017 Dir: Etienne Bailleiu 4min

La Poudriere


Once in the Fields of Boredom

Boredom, existential void and the yearning for something different permeate the lives of a couple who are reaching an end of sorts.

Estonia 2017 Dir: Teele Strauss 5min

Estonian Academy of the Arts


Red Garage

It’s safer inside, less crazy too. But when you do have to go out, go in a crowd and go in a rush. It’s the only way.

France 2017 Dir: Max Litvinov 4min

La Poudriere


Ice Pepper

Roger and Billy, two penguins, wander around the sea ice. Within a hidden ice cave, they discover crates full of chilli peppers with an unusual property.

France 2017 Dir: Maïlly Boulin, Guillaume Escots, Alicia Journet, Soizic Lefeuvre, Clément Malargé, Eddy Martinez 6min




A chaotic world. A man flees to the other side but there is no escape.

USA 2017 Dir: Cassie Shao 2min

University of Southern California


Oh Mother!

A playful game of constant change for an overprotective mother and her son.

Poland 2017 Dir: Paulina Ziolkowska 12min

Polish National Film School


Squaring the Circle

Repetition is a form of change. A beautifully abstract look at pattern, chaos and endless movement.

Poland 2018 Dir: Karolina Specht 5min

Polish National Film School


Cat Noir

A letter, a broken heart. The sound of the rain. A black cat, a plan.

Switzerland 2018 Dir: O'Neil Burgi 6min

Zurich School of Art and Design


Am I Oright?

A fun, playful and loopy film based around sound performance.

Taiwan 2017 Dir: Yen Liang Chen 4min

National Taiwan University of the Arts

The London International Animation Festival (LIAF 2018) returns for it’s 15th edition to the Horse Hospital over 3 nights – Thursday 6/Friday 7/Saturday 8 December – with 6 eclectic and inspiring screenings and talks with some of the most creative minds working in animation today.

Independent animation is very much alive and kicking and continues to thrive and develop with a breathtaking medley of styles, materials, techniques and genres. From hand drawn, paint on glass, collage and sculpture, to cut-outs, puppets, abstract and sand/salt – LIAF 2018 showcases all of this. Join us at the Horse Hospital and see these latest mini-masterpieces.

For full details on the LIAF 2018 programme please go to the LIAF website at

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