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Lesley Magazine Launch Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the launch of Lesley magazine - a new free print publication with artwork, photography, and archival material from across London’s LGBTQIA+ womxn, trans and non- binary community.

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EXHIBITION: Fri 30th August – Sat 14th September 2019, Wed - Sat 12-6pm 

PRIVATE VIEW: 29 August 2019, 7PM - Late

Lesley group exhibition celebrates the launch of new free print publication Lesley Magazine with artwork, photography, and archival material from across London’s LGBTQIA+ womxn, trans and non- binary community. Our work explores themes of dyke culture, queer culture, gender identity, sexuality and chosen families. We can’t wait to welcome you in and share our work with you.


GRRRL ZINE FAIR: Sun 1st September 2019, 12-6pm

Queer feminist self-publications fair hosted by Lu Williams

SURVIVING IN THE ART WORLD: Wed 4th September 2019, 7-10pm

Join our panel as they discuss the best techniques for making it in the art world as a queer person of colour, hosted by Katayoun Jalili.

THE FUTURE OF DYKE CULTURE: Mon 9th September 2019, 7-10pm

Join our panel as they discuss the progression of ‘dyke’ culture and nightlife and where we think we might be headed, hosted by Kat Hudson.

Lesley magazine, and this launch exhibition at the Horse Hospital, aims to bring people together from all facets of our community. With just one bar dedicated to LGBT+ womxn left in London it has become harder and harder in recent years for us to find each other. We resort to writing down events on beer mats and napkins, scouring Facebook for vaguely relevant events. We wind up either at our ex’s show or in male-centred gay bars, messaging on dating apps to ask what’s going on, and coming across things by fluke thanks to a flyer stuck serendipitously to the sole of our friend’s DM.

Lesley hopes to change that by bringing us all together and raising our voices as a community. We’re already celebrating each other, lifting each other up, and having a tonne of fun doing it!

Groups involved in Lesley include: Rebel Dykes, BBZ, Pxssy Palace, Polyester Magazine, Grrrl Zine Fair, Fruit Cake Zine, Transmissions, Femmi Errect, Femmme Fraiche, Female Trouble, Butch Please!, Femmetopia, FEM Zine, Cuntemporary (Arts Feminism Queer), LGSM, Voices4 London, and more!

Exhibiting artists include: Danielle Shirley, Bernice Mulenga, Ashton Attz, Katayoun Jalili, Emily Pope, Holly Revel, Cherry Au, Yasmine Akim, India Jaggon, Lu Williams, Kat Hudson, Meg Lavender, Jender Anomie, Shadi Al-Atallah, Elouiza Mae France, Ruth Jones, Rosa Johan Uddoh, Madeline Pledge, Padma Rajendran, GIRLFORUM, Rachel Fallon, Wednesday Painter, Anshika Khullar, Joy Miessi, Gabriella Grimes, and REBEL DYKES archival material donated by Karen Fisch.

‘We’re so excited to finally, after years of talking about it, be putting together this magazine and launch exhibition! There’s so much going on in our community atm and its so awesome to be bringing so much of it together in one place!’ - Kat Hudson, Curator and Founding Editor of Lesley Magazine

‘Now more than ever it’s important for our communities to come together and put inclusivity first, and to break the habit of boxing all non-cis male LGBTQ+ identities together without celebrating everyone’s differences.’
- Katayoun Jalili, Events Manager, Editorial Consultant and Founder of Femmi Errect

‘I’m so glad to hear that there’s a growing focus on non-cis men in the queer scene in London (and hopefully elsewhere eventually) because that’s always been the best represented group under the queer umbrella- Lesley is sorely needed for people of marginalised genders that don’t fit that very narrow grouping!’
- Anshika ‘Ash’ Khullar, Illustrator and Exhibiting Artist

‘The fact that Lesley is going to be put together by more than 30 different people working across queer events is really exciting and has more of a chance of being reflective of the community.’
- Lu Williams, Deputy Editor and Founder of Grrrl Zine Fair

Find out more about Lesley from recent online features in Pink News & The Face.

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Later Event: 1 September
Grrrl x Lesley Zine Fair