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Arrows of Desire: Stitch and Witch


12pm - 6pm, free drop-in

During the run of ‘Arrow of Desire’, the art show celebrating the agony and ecstasy of Saint Sebastian, we have selected the perfect artist for a full-day residency.

Stitch and Witch - just a bunch of freaks embracing the magick of the tread. Join us!

This exclusive instalment of BJSC is being held at the legendary Horse Hospital, on a casual Thursday, during the best indie figurative art exhibition of the year: ‘Arrows Of Desire’; a hot yet reverent show about Saint Sebastian.

While the members of the BJSC gang stitch heavy metal patches, catholic votives, and rare art embroideries onto their jackets, the obvious connection to this show is the AIDS memorial quilt witched up by Manko.

Free entry, but bring your jackets, patches and dedication.

For the love of Saint Sebastian!

Arrows of Desire: group art show celebrating contemporary artists' interpretation of Saint Sebastian

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