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…and the bunny goes POP!


EXHIBITION: Saturday 2nd June - Saturday 23rd June 2018, Mon - Sat, 12 - 6pm

OPENING: Friday 1st June, 7 - 9pm

In 2000, Eduardo Kac announced his artwork GFP Bunny, in which he created Alba, a biologically-living, green-glowing rabbit. The response to this work has been voluminous and uninterrupted for nearly 20 years. This exhibition captures, for the first time, the different registers and diverse materialisations of Alba as a meme-spawning rabbit. Emphasizing in equal measure Alba’s birth, the immediate response to her appearance in the world, her two-decade long appropriation by pop culture, and the artist’s metaresponse to this unique phenomenon, the show undoes formal hierarchies, blurs the boundaries between art and non-art, and presents a wide array of examples of this bunny gone viral.

Curated by Bronac Ferran and Andrew Prescott

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Digital Transformations theme

Later Event: 7 June
Synth 2.0