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MacGillivray: 'Watermarked in Flame' album launch

London launch of 'Watermarked in Flame', released by Antigen Records performed by MacGillivray alongside the Doomed Bird of Providence and Harpoon Group.



"Utterly intrigued by the voice, thought it was wonderful" - Adam Walton, BBC

Performer and Bloodaxe poet, MacGillivray launches sea-wrecked electrics and salt luck vocals for this London launch of 'Watermarked in Flame' a new album released by Antigen Records and included in Wire Tapper 45. MacGillivray is flanked by Harpoon Group (Robin Alderton), whose acclaimed work as a solo artist and with 'Dead Rat Orchestra' has appeared on BBC soundtracks, Radio 3 and Tate Modern as well as in collaboration with the Britten Sinfonia and by The Doomed Bird of Providence. Described by the Guardian as “… epic and sprawling, building from the eerie and pastoral to a crescendo of strings and percussion,' the prolific 'Doomed' line-up comprises Joolie Wood (Current 93), Stafford Glover (Extreme Noise Terror), Mark Kluzek, Drew Barker and Ian Hothersall.

"This fine, mysterious record - shifting between chamber music, Gaelic mountain songs and dramatic chansons - isn't a protest album. Mostly the songs are unstable: ghostly requiems and martial prophecies, lonesome lullabies and fierce spells. Their lyrics are marinated in topographies and mythologies whose precise meanings are unclear. They hover, perhaps like Scotland itself, on the threshold between isolationism and epic adventure." - Sukdhev Sandhu, The Wire 362, April 2014.

"With flowing black robes and strawberry blond hair that falls to her waist she looks like a Thomas Malory heroine, piercing the Tuesday night crowd with a baleful glare and introducing her first song as the tale of a murdered mermaid. She then proceeds to scratch at her electric autoharp and then begins an anguished wail herself. The song seems less a tale of the murder and more field recordings of the event itself. It’s fair to say she has our attention." - Colchester Gazette, 7th March, 2017.

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