Jem Finer & Andrew Kotting - Visionary Seascapes LP

Jem Finer & Andrew Kotting - Visionary Seascapes LP



Most of the music was originally composed and created by Jem Finer for Kotting’s feature film SwandownVisionary Seascapeswas recorded, reworked and remixed at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London in the winter of 2012-13 to mark the ten year anniversary since the release of their last collaboration; Visionary Landscapes. A limited edition LP which also includes a CD.

“Cut-ups and smidgeons abound. Jem Finer and Andrew Kotting have assembled yet another veritable bricolage featuring the gorgeous voice of Macgillivray. As well as original music from the film Swandown, acoustic magic weaves its way through these beautifully constructed soundscapes. Elegaic, beguiling and haunting. The compositions have a sublime and soaring beauty that might never sink to the bottom of the ocean.”- Joe Haulaway

Swandown: For four weeks throughout the months of September and October 2011 Andrew Kotting and Iain Sinclair pedalled a plastic swan over 160 miles from the seaside in Hastings to Hackney in East London. They drank 84 litres of water, 2 bottles of whisky, 4 bottles of wine and 24 cans of special brew. They got through 8 pairs of sunglasses, a handmade suit, a pair of walking boots and a camper van. Andrew Kotting wore the same clothes throughout. Iain Sinclair was changed regularly.

Jem Finer is an artist and musician, who works in a diverse range of fields, including music, film, performance and photography.
Andrew Kotting was born in the woods became a lumberjack and is now an artist and film maker.

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