Frozen Tears, Volume 3: Gay Prophecy of the Demonically Social

Frozen Tears, Volume 3: Gay Prophecy of the Demonically Social


Third volume of John Russell’s Frozen Tears project

Authors’ index

Hillary Raphael Notes on the History of Humankind as a History of Protein-Seeking page 13

Dennis Cooper Great Moments in Gay Porn #3: The Noll Dynasty page 40

Simon Thompson A Dream from mid October page 43

The Rebel [invited by Babak Ghazi] page 101

Gareth Jones [invited by Babak Ghazi] page 102

Donal Mosher Unchained Melody page 103

Rachel Howe Return Reunite Resurrect page 109

Nathaniel Mellors 1974 Reflections / Kinski Eats God and Vomits Man page 113

Mark Harris Porn, Performance and Objectification: New Forms of Desire page 115

Michael Corris Twelve Rules from the Collection of the Artist (2006) page 127

Ian Rafael Titus Atrocity Parade page 139

Ian Rafael Titus Essence page 140

Ian Rafael Titus Gothic page 141

Keith Farquhar The Hoxton Fin page 142

Tony Garifalakis Ruin of Empires 1 page 144

Stephen Barber Tokyo Sodom page 145

Luca Frei [invited by Babak Ghazi] Going in - Coming out page 155

Neil Mulholland A Loner in Triplicate page 156

Neil Mulholland Rebels Without Applause page 158

Neil Mulholland Gettery Achieved page 160

Neil Mulholland On the Road page 162

Ccru/orphan drift Liquid Lattice page 173

Andrea Mason Does She Squirt? page 204

David Burrows & Simon O’Sullivan The Return of Plastique Fantastique page 207

Karen Cunningham [invited by Babak Ghazi] Pagan page 243

Casey McKinney & Jesse Bransford Fathers, Sons, and Spirits: Confronting the Void with James Joyce, Bret Easton Ellis, and Dennis Cooper page 244

Ilana Halperin Emergent Landmass (A Chronicle of Disappearance) page 269

Mike Pare The Canyon is Possessed page 281

Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, invited by Babak Ghazi Drawing on Ice page 298

Mariana Botey The Enigma of Ichcateopan: A Messianic Archive of the Nation page 299

Paul Buck Who Fucked Madonna? page 337

Pete Lewis SIR ® EEL page 364

Bonnie Camplin Ars Moriendi page 366

Kristen Alvanson Maskh page 378

Stuart Bailey, Will Holder, Louis Lüthi, John Morgan Semantic Poetry translation (after Stefan Themerson) of ‘Tourette’s Syndrome’ (after John Russell) page 387

Tony Garifalakis Ruin of Empires 2 page 406

John Cussans The Phantom Muse page 407

Dick Evans Subject, Object Drawings page 425

Bernard Noël The Return of Sade page 431

John Espinosa Infinite Collapse page 434

Arthur Ou Pyre page 438

M Satai / Michael Cross Excerpts from Pornacalypse: A Schizo-Textual Assemblage page 442

Lisa Castagner [invited by Babak Ghazi] Un‑Dior page 474

Dan Fox Lucky’s Terminal Velocity page 475

Enrico David Delivery Status Notification page 481

Enrico David Hosing Results page 488

Enrico David Undermeinhof page 490

Hubert Czerepok (images), Steve Rushton (text) Tales from the Experimental Literature Department page 491

Madeline Djerejian Blonde in Hong Kong page 507

Adam Putnam Labyrinth, 2006 page 514

Adam Putnam Furnace, 2006 page 515

Adam Putnam Obelisk, 2006 page 516

Mark & Stephen Beasley Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her page 517

Anthony Davies Flaxman Lodge page 529

Conversation: Barnaby Furnas – Ivette Zighelboim page 540

Lorenzo De Los Angeles III “Men’s Club” 2005 page 560

Cedar Lewisohn page 561

Cedar Lewisohn Bromley Boys, 2006 page 561

Kool Keith Welfare Love, 1999page 578 From the lp First Come, First Served

Cedar Lewisohn Here I Go Again, 2005 page 581

Damien Hirst Forsaken Jesus on the Cross in Conversation with His Dad (god), 2003page 582

Cedar Lewisohn All the Teenage Lovers, 2005 page 583

Patricia Ellis The Gumshoe Trilogies, 2003page 584

Cedar Lewisohn An Army of Dressed Up Sluts, 2005 page 594

Chloe Piene Lovelady, Texas page 595

Electric Six Naked Pictures (of Your Mother), 2003page 607From the lp Fire 

Cedar Lewisohn Will it Be Me? 2005 page 608

Harry Pye My Life in Eltham page 609

Kool Keith Apartment 223, 1999page 616From the lp First Come, First Served 

Cedar Lewisohn I Woke Up This Morning in a Total Crisis, 2006 page 619

Emma Stark Come on Baby, Light My Fire, 2001page 620

Kool Keith Same Sound, 2004 page 630From the lp The Lost Master

Overheard Conversation (Bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh) page 632

Cedar Lewisohn Let the Drug Dealers in for Free page 634

Cedar Lewisohn (text) Mark Hulson (images) Medieval Psycho (A Hangman’s Tale), 2005 page 635

Dan Torop November 2005 Whetstone Mtn. Journal page 641

No Bra [invited by Babak Ghazi] Munchausen page 645

Iain Hetherington Congratulations Home Donor page 646

Paul Noble Soup on a Sausage Peg page 649

Yuki Maruyama Unknown Men (Jack, Tom, Woody, Tatsu, Michael, Robert, and Keith) page 658

Gean Moreno Zombies page 664

Stewart Home This is Where we Came in page 669

Amelia Mira Saul and Jo-ey Tang Excerpts: Love Songs 1998–2004 page 673

Tony Garifalakis Ruin of Empires 3 page 679

Andrew Hunt Mercury Delirium, Exodus, Wauluds Bank and the Cursed Earth: The Cracked Ballad of Luton and South Bedfordshire page 680

Map of Luton and South Bedfordshire page 680

Charles Bronson Lifemare page 684

NRK Mohammad, SOS Newsrod and Dan Thurwen Going Like the Clappers: RevoLuton page 686

Elizabeth Price Ephemera from the former Arts & Cultural Services Department: Welcome – The Former Luton Town Hall page 687

Elizabeth Price Ephemera from the former Arts & Cultural Services Department: Pop Music Performers Will No Longer Appear at the Luton ABC page 689

Elizabeth Price Ephemera from the former Arts & Cultural Services Department: No More Punk Music Concerts Will Be Held at the Luton Town Hall page 691

Bonnie Camplin Luton page 695

Bonnie Camplin A Song for Luton page 696

The Knockouts TL0921NE 219-097 (Hitchin Road) page 697

The Knockouts TL0921SW 213-092 (Arndale Kids) page 698

The Knockouts TL0921NW 217-093 (Love on the Railway Bridge) page 698

The Knockouts Thrilled Skinny to The Knockouts 1990–2005 page 698 

NRK Mohammad, SOS Newsrod and Dan Thurwen Going Like the Clappers: Remember Allah page 700

John Strutton Flitwick Boot Boys page 702

Tim Bailey The Cursed Earth page 705 

Map of Sharpenhoe Clappers page 709

NRK Mohammad, SOS Newsrod and Dan Thurwen Going Like the Clappers: Sharpenhoe Clappers page 710

Ross Downes The Day Dad Did Dunstable page 713

Ross Downes The Day Dad Did Dunstable page 714

Mark Titchner Local Boy in Bittersweet, Early Morning Odyssey page 715

Mark Titchner South Beds Hardcore page 718

Mark Titchner Immediate effects of a 150ft Air-burst page 719

Mark Titchner A Map of the Known Universe page 722

Andrew Hughes Wauluds Bank Flats page 727

Fiona Lumbers The Two Chimneys page 728

Rebecca Taylor Chalk Lion page 729

Babak Ghazi, illustrations by Prince Molinier Du Côte de Chez Button page 730

Craig Slee Mirage: City of Veils – A Prosegasm page 739

Allison Smith Every Thing page 773

Esther Planas From Dark Star number 4, 2002 page 779

Steve Klee The Interactor page 781

Jeffrey Vallance Blinky page 786

Jeffrey Vallance Nevada’s Gate to Hell page 798

Patricia McCormack Becomings-Cunt: Flesh, Fold and Infinity page 800

D. Harlan Wilson The Intruders page 839

David Osbaldeston / Joe Devlin Tales From a Foucault Reader and Other Short Stories page 841

Kevin Killian I Know the Truth page 851

Kevin Killian The American Primer page 852

Kevin Killian Divine Invocation page 853

Kevin Killian My Sacraments page 854

Kevin Killian Proverbs page 856

Kevin Killian Ode to Walt Whitman page 857

Kevin Killian Dear Octopus page 862

Anna Mitchell [invited by Babak Ghazi] Untitled page 863

Kenji Siratori Bacteria=Syndrome page 864

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