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For a very special live event, LYDIA KAVINA, a pupil and relative of Leon Theremin himself and generally regarded as one of the leading theremin players in the world will be with x-ray audio to perform and provide a live demonstration of recording onto X-Ray plates with a vintage lathe operated by ALEKS KOLKOWSKI. Lydia will be accompanied by Edmund Davie and the cutting will be followed by an improvised theremin and saw duet / duel.Stephen Coates and photographer Paul Heartfield will also be presenting the story of the Soviet Bone Bootleggers and previewing the X-Ray Audio documentary in production with Vinyl Factory. The documentary features interviews with Russian bone bootleggers and buyers, archive footage and various commentators.

“A labour of love researched over many years – is an archive of samizdat creativity, cultural resistance, daring entrepreneurialism. It uses forensic snapshots of physical bodies in order to shed light on a spellbindingly obscure subgenre of discography, and as a portal into a little-known but imaginatively intoxicating chapter in post-war Communist history.” (Sukhdev Sandhu)
For more information: www.x-rayaudio.squarespace.com