Thursday April 26th - Saturday 28th April 200712 - 6pm Private View: Thursday 26th April 6:30 - 9:30pm Watching is an exhibition combining the work of three photographers who are individually exploring people, emotions and interaction in different ways through portraiture and documentary photography. Watching, acting as a spectator, looking or observing attentively or carefully, looking and waiting expectantly or in anticipation. Each of these three photographers have created works that discuss the process of watching. Hannah Richardson is looking at the theme of interaction through constructed photography. This project explores our television watching habits. The images depict what we look like whilst in front of the telly, emphasising how we interact (or don't interact) with our fellow telly watchers and family members. Posed with the camera at the viewpoint of the telly, the viewer has the opportunity to identify with its subjects. The project begins to comment on contemporary viewing practices, making statements about society and how television viewing breaks down the interaction between people. Oliver Cass has created a series of images about his girlfriend Alma who lived through the Sarajevo war as a child in the early 90's. After carefully observing her he has used different locations, angles, and facial expressions together with body language to represent some of her experiences during this traumatic time in her life. Marina Nemes has produced a series of images about a day care centre for young children in a favela (shanti town) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She spent two weeks there and documented what she saw and experienced during her stay. Through her photographs she would like to raise awareness on the current situation and the children's living conditions, giving some insight into their lives and who they are. From left to right: Hannah Richardson, Oliver Cass and Marina Nemes Visit to find out more.