BABA YAGA CHRONICLESTuesday 13th - Saturday 17th of February 12 - 6pm Screenings Tue 13th at 7:30pm and Sat 17th at 6pm or by appointment A preview screening of the Tony Gammidge's 'Baba Yaga Chronicles' which has been made over the last 15 months and filmed in the UK, Florida, Maine, Finland and Estonia. The film is a personal and autobiographical response to the Russian fairy story rather than an illustration of it and is more poetic than literal. The project started off as a series of short films but for this screening Tony Gammidge has stitched them all together into a longer and more coherent piece of work. It is part live action and part animation and features French actress Carole Villiers and a cast of shadow puppets in the form of wolves, bears, mice, and other hybrid animals, some burning boats, dancing pins, ghouls, snow, magic and lots of fire. The film is dark and dreamlike with an unsettling and hypnotic soundtrack. There will also be arelated exhibition of cloth wall pieces and cloth handmade books featuring drawings and stills from The Baba Yaga Chronicles.