THE McCARRICKS + Tansy Spinks

Friday 26th JanuaryDoors 7.30pm, UKP 7/5 members / concessions The McCarricks Martin McCarrick - Cello/Piano Kimberlee McCarrick - Violin ".......dark, evocative, compelling, hypnotic, unsettling, strange and beautiful...." these are all words used to describe the unique audio visual experience delivered by cellist Martin McCarrick and violinist Kimberlee McCarrick. For this performance The McCarricks return to The Horse Hospital to celebrate the work of Scottish film maker Norman McLaren (1914 - 87) whose innovative animated film techniques often eliminated the camera completely and instead saw the artist drawing, painting or scratching directly onto the film. The McCarricks have composed new soundtracks for McLarens work especially for this performance and will also be playing a selection of music from their current show 'Music From The Third Floor'. The McCarricks met in Lawrence, Kansas on a balmy summer evening in 1996. Martin was touring with rock band Therapy? and Kimberlee was a violinist with the Kansas Symphony Orchestra. For two years they lived between Martins home in London and Kimberlee's Kansas City apartment until 1998 when they left the heat and the tornadoes and settled in London. The have worked together as composers, collaborators, string arrangers and live musicians and will be touring the UK and Europe from March 2007. For more information and TANSY SPINKS Tansy Spinks plays live loops on a blue electric violin. Her performances are inspired by and act as responses to an artwork, a building or a situation. She has performed at the Camden Arts Centre as part of the 'Fassbinder's Jukebox' performance evening curated by Michael Curran, in four major galleries at the V & A during the Fete de la Music day in South Kensington and in Fine Art departments at Middlesex and Camberwell. This evening she will be playing two works devised specifically for the Horse Hospital. She is also a visual artist and lecturer and lives in London. See