The McCarricks

Thursday June 8th 7.30pm The McCarricks perform 'Music from The Third Floor' to films by PG Logo, Miki Takahashi, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Jo Ueno, Diana and Archie Bennett, alongside the UK premiere of HANDICAP CITY A film by Burke Roberts

Burke Roberts grew up on a ranch in Colorado: the opposite of an urban cowboy .he was a rural punk. He found himself fighting the tide in Hollywood by eighteen, and quickly decided he was not interested in conforming (or auditioning) for the mainstream. ..a novel idea in the city of angels. Enduring endless nay-sayers, he proved to create very high production value short films on impossible shoestring budgets. In the current explosion of Guerrilla film, Roberts could even be considered 'oldschool' - pioneering unique underground films in Los Angeles years before pro-sumer equipment brought D.I.Y. filmmaking to the masses. To do this he founded BIZZURKE ARMY; an ever expanding underground film network - encompassing hundreds of artists and technicians, who devote their time and talents to bringing his film's to fruition. Robert's film, JESUS RIDES SHOTGUN, debuted at Cannes in 1997 (midnight festival 'Cannes you dig it') , and although baffling Hollywood's mainstreamers, it had cult audiences on their feet. He continues to receive winks and nods as people in and out of the business realize that he is a visionary unlike most. In the words of novelist/filmmaker; Jennifer Chambers Lynch - " Through his films a sense of freedom is born.a need to converse. Burke is able to speak the truth, humour, horror and hope of the human condition - weather you want to hear it or not " Along with several screenplays slated for production, Robert's has completed multiple other motion pictures, (shot on either 35mm or super 16mm) that have screened at independent theatres and fine art galleries from L.A. to New York, London to Berlin, and dozens of cities in between. His films deal in challenging and political themes such as; Oppression, Fanaticism and insanity - both personal and societal. Works like: HANDICAP CITY, ECHO OF A MAN, and INSULT TO INJURY attempt to pave the road to a new generation of creators and voyeurs. His latest passion is the creation of, 'The Engine'. A piece of art itself, it is a mobile projection system. In the same way that independent bands tour - now too can films. This is yet another pioneering step for Roberts who maintains the belief that: The 'Movie Business' can not been changed.. "it is better to perpetuate the growth of a powerful underground to rival it."