An installation by TAI SHANI Exhibition runs: 5th September – 24th September Monday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm Special film screening: Sunday 25th September, doors 7pm The Horse Hospital is proud to present the first solo UK show of performance / video / installation artist Tai Shani. Shani's work concerns the question of what happens to stories after they have been told, of what is left from a process after its production. The artist creates installation as potential for possibility, an eternal no-space within which stories that have been read, films that have been watched, art that has been seen exist. Using the present continuous tense of noir, Shani’s objects - a scorpion with butterfly wings emerging from its mouth, a bleeding fireplace, a perpetual video explosion, breathing - resonate their purpose like a used theatre set, props and sound effects extant, yet divorced of intended meaning. From the 19th century stable gallery of The Horse Hospital, the artist creates a lodge* within which The Cherry Brigade - the public army of amassed evidence, revealed and unalterable - meet the Middleman, that which conducts the brutal negotiations between fact and possibility, the distance between the object and the watcher. To highlight the installation there will be a special kinoKULTURE screening of the artist’s new video work "That Night They Told Us That I Had Seen The Light" alongside Dario Argento’s classic "Suspiria". * Lodge: The meeting room of an association; hence, the regularly constituted body of members which meets there; as, a masonic lodge. To fall or lie down, as grass or grain, when overgrown or beaten down by the wind - Mortimer.

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