Stumptown Show and Tell, London On Thursday 4th May 2006, all the way from Portland, Oregon, USA: Proprietress, Raconteur, and Chanteuse, Chloe Eudaly, presents a selection of some of her favorite Portland based authors, artists, and filmmakers. She will be speaking about independently produced literature and her own role in that world with her famous store, Reading Frenzy. The event at London venue The Horse Hospital will be Chloe's first in the UK. Readings by: Bee Lavender, whose stunning auto-medical-biography Lessons in Taxidermy is a visceral blue collar tale of fighting cancer and car crashes, without the predictably prescribed finding of faith, fortune and neat endings. You know how sometimes you read a book that's so powerful, you find you keep flipping to the back to look at the author's photo? Lessons in Taxidermy has that effect. - Time Out New York [I can personally say that this is the most gripping book I have read in the last year. It is brilliant.]

Diswasher Pete, whose fanzine Diswasher saw him wash dishes in most of the states in the US and who has finally hung up his dishrag and bottle brushes in order to have some perspective on his journey after a bad experience on a Greyhound bus. He is also a contributor to National Public Radio and a book version of his journey through the sinks of America will be published soon. Screenings: A presentation of experimental short films made by various filmmakers, co-curated by Vanessa Renwick of the Oregon Dept. of Kickass also Acteon at Home (Vladmaster) This is a film made in ViewMaster format and shown on the little hand-held devices more usually seen as a childrens toy. Actaeon, to the ancient Greeks, was a hunter unlucky enough to get a good look at Artemis bathing naked amongst her nymphs. For his trespasses, Actaeon was transformed into a stag and then devoured by his own hounds. Our Actaeon, may or may not have anything to do with the historical Actaeon. He is a small man in a room with striped wallpaper and antlers and a typewriter and a collection of Currier & Ives prints. Oh, also there is a train chase. Chloe will also be selling copies of cult clip art magazine Crap Hound, of which she is now publisher. There will also be some North West freebies for those attending. Music will be a selection of sounds from the North West. This event is the follow up to The Reading Frenzy booksale, which we organised at the Horse Hospital back in September. Chloe is using the money raised for a break in England and to help with bills for the ongoing healthcare of her son, Henry.