Exhibition: Saturday 11th October - Saturday 1st November12-6pm Mon-Sat Private View: Friday 10th October 7.30pm MAURICE BURNS Loaded with absurdity and an occasional smattering of punk aesthetic, Maurice Burns's drawings strike a precise balance between darkness and horrified amusement. With a grounding in and passion for printmaking he now works more directly by drawing, which allows him to use a full combination of pattern, line and other graphic techniques. The end result is a powerful narrative furiously told in stark black and white images. Maurice was born in 1968 in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. He has exhibited steadily since graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Cardiff College of Art in 1991. As well as exhibition work he has provided illustrations and graphic design for a variety of print media. CARLO KESHISHIAN Carlo Keshishian is an artist of Armenian descent born in London in 1980. He has been producing both visual and sonic art for the past 14 years, his sonic pieces have featured on a number of CD and vinyl releases but his drawings and paintings have rarely been exhibited outside of his immediate social circle. His work ranges from intricate abstract pieces which show an almost obsessive level of self-discipline and attention to detail, to more confessional, almost comic book like pieces which offer an unguarded glimpse into his inner life. This introverted nature is reflected in Carlo's use of art as a tool for self analysis and self improvement, he sees his work as a "visual diary of his thoughts" and, like a diary, his work often communicates the passing of time and it's sometimes illusionary nature. His sparing use of colour explores contrast and intensity, sometimes leading to optical effects, which although not initially planned, add another layer of impact to his work. The use of rhythm and texture in his visual work is directly related to his musical output, one influences the other and both show the passionate, obsessive, confessional and emotional elements which are intrinsic to Carlo's vision of himself and the world around him. JOE WILSON Joe's work consists of painstakingly detailed, hand-drawn illustrations, usually in fine-line pen or pencil, that are then scanned and edited on the computer. He takes his influence from an array of sources including old engravings, 70s Vinyl covers and surrealist art. He is particularly interested in ideas of how nature and man interact and creating images that are made up of smaller elements. Born in Leicester Wilson studied at Leeds Metropolitan University, Graduating with a BA in Graphic Arts and Design. He took an interest in printmaking at university and studied this heavily, with most of his work taking the form of Etchings and Screenprints. These techniques now inform the way in which Wilson works. With aspirations to establish himself firmly as an illustrator, he hopes to work on many more commercial projects whilst continuing to produce more expansive personal work. Joe's unique drawing style attracts a mixture of different clients from editorial to fashion, he has produced work for clients such as: The Guardian, Mojo magazine, Topshop, Prospect Magazine, RKCR/Y&R, and Peter Werth. JOE WILSON PRINTS FOR SALE *Image: Joe Wilson, Trophy Room

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