Strange Attractor Journal Three Launch

Tuesday 12 DecemberDoors open 7.30pm Free Entry Come to celebrate the launch of Strange Attractor Journal Three, the latest in the acclaimed anthology series. Visit a Burmese transgender spirit possession festival... Cavort with Parisian opium demons... Ride a Victorian time machine... Wig out on psychedelic fauna... Stand awed before the house of dolls... Swing to the sex poetry of Arthur Koestler and the sounds of Martin Denny... And much more we couldn't possibly fit it into one text... Journal Three continues our exploration of unpopular culture with written and visual contributions from: Robert Ansell, Phil Baker, Richard Brown, Erik Davis, Roger Dobson, Catherine Eisner, Alison Gill, Josephine Harvatt, Betsy Heistand, Ken Hollings, Stewart Home, Robert Irwin, Mike Jay, Gary Lachman, David Luke, Alexis Lykiard, Steve Moore, Katie Owens, John Reppion, Arik Roper, David Rothenberg, Richard Rudgley, Doug Skinner and Lady Vervaine. 304 pages of exquisite high strangeness, now with eight colour plates. All copies sold on the night will be marked with a special stamp that shall never again see the evening light. There will be live music/performance from La Couteau Jane and Sculpture (aka Dan Hayhurst), film projections, music with DJ Kosmische and... you.

Live, Chamber of Pop CultureTai