'Saturnalia: A Feast for Fools' - Steven V. Mitchell

Private View: May 29th 7:30pmMay 30th-June 7th 2009 EVERYDAY 12-7pm Visionary Artist Steven V. Mitchell will be challenging the establishment and our imagination with his first exhibition since 'Pandemonium' took on us a fantastic and unforgettable journey. 'Saturnalia: A Feast for Fools' will be held at the legendary London home for the subversive and the controversial art form. 'Beyond the bridge between the realm of reality and magic exists a world of appearances that is only accessible by those select few MASTERS whose faculties subordinate the conventional means of ordinary man. STEVEN MITCHELL is one of these MASTERS!' Keith Wigdor 'Surrealism Now' Read more about Steve V. Mitchell's work HERE Updates and more info www.darkblackart.com