Punk in Translation: Burst City




'Following the breakthrough success of his biker epic Crazy Thunder Road, Japanese maverick Sogo Ishii was granted a larger budget for his follow-up and chose to spend it on a half dozen punk bands, post-apocalyptic set design, and nearly 6,000 extras. The unprecedented Burst City is the result. The ripping-at-the-seams plot concerns a clash between a group of punk musicians and contractors attempting to build a nuclear power plant, which soon attracts rival biker gangs, yakuza thugs, and riot police, all escalating into an all-out war. Ground-breaking at the time for its rapid cutting, kinetic camera work, and renegade characters, Burst City provided an immeasurable influence on contemporary Japanese directors like Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike, simultaneously becoming the first time Japanese punk culture was represented on screen.' Spectacle Theater