McCabe & Mrs Miller

Friday 24 Novemberdoors 7.30pm, entry UKP7, UKP5 members/concessions McCabe & Mrs Miller Robert Altman (1971), 120 minutes Anti-western film which turns a number of Western conventions on their sides, including male dominance and heroic standoff. "McCabe & Mrs. Miller is a western that, as shot by Vilmos Zsigmond, looks like old photographs lit from within, as though the subjects had created a sort of afterlife by finding a way to project their essence onto the film. The movie haunts you like a ballad whose tune you remember but whose words hang just beyond reach. And like listening to a ballad, we know the outcome of the events we're watching was foretold long ago, but we're helpless to do anything but surrender to the tale." Soundtrack by Leonard Cohen. As Robert Altman sadly passed away earlier this week, the screening of 'McCabe & Mrs Miller' will be dedicated to his memory and his work as a Film Director. Screening in conjunction with Maud Larsson's exhibition 'Men Without Names'.

Live, Chamber of Pop CultureTai