Mark Pawson

Exhibition: 5th April - 26th April, Mon-Sat 12-6pm Private view: Friday 4th April 7:30pm Artist's talk + Q&A Saturday 19th April 3pm FREE Mark will drink 2 cups of coffee and then talk about the work and collections for an hour What are you working on at the moment? What are you collecting at the moment? Mark Pawson answers these frequently asked questions by filling the Horse Hospital with prints, badges, Perspex signs, postcard spheres, rubberstampings, sugar packet sculptures, artist's multiples and even some things in frames, these products and original works will be shown alongside selections from his numerous collections of toys, ornaments and knick-knacks:- Noggins (wood and fur Viking figures), Gonks, Small Plastic Babies, Clip-on Plastic Moustaches, Open & Closed signs, Kinder Egg toys and Ceramic Tramp moneyboxes - objects which inspire and inform Pawson's work. A range of books, badges and T-shirts will be on sale. Born in 1964, he grew up in Cheshire, has lived in East London since 1982 and never went to Art School. Mark Pawson is a self-confessed Image Junkie, Photocopier Fetishist, semi-retired International Postal Art Superstar, gang leader of the Aggressive School of Cultural Workers and aficionado of accessible, affordable, low-tech hi-fi printing methods, his favourite toys/tools are rubberstamps, photocopiers and the Japanese Print Gocco. Fiercely independent, he's deliberately sidestepped galleries and instead focussed on making cheap editions, he's a one-man production line creating and selling a constant stream of artist's books, postcards, badges, multiples, T-shirts and other essential ephemera, work which has it's roots in Fluxus, the Mailart Network and D.I.Y. and self publishing. Pawson's products inhabit the territory between fanzines and artist's books, straddling the worlds of pop culture and fine art. He has collaborated with Tatty Devine and worked with Levis Vintage Clothing. Books are in the collections of the Tate Gallery Library, London, MOMA Library, New York and Bjork. His work has been featured in Badge/Button/Pin (Lawrence King, 2007), more paperwork (Phaidon 2005), and Experimental Layout (Rotovision 2001). Recent Solo Shows; Handmade, Readymade, Lazercut, Here, Bristol 2007, Hand Printed in My Living Room, Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 2006, Window 06, Angel Row, Nottingham Recent Group Show; Metropolis Rise: New Art from London, at 798 Space, Beijing, China, 2006.