A collection of artistic practice entertaining the nature of obsession.March 9th 2007 6:00 - 8:00pm Michael Bucknell - Paintings. Private view, free entrance. 8:00 - 9:00pm Films and Performance. £3 entrance. Exhibition runs Monday - Saturday 12-6pm 10th of March - 31st March 2007 Luke Brennan showcases a selection of artists who have influenced and impacted his own artistic practice. The nature of obsession is probed through this collection of paintings, films and performance presented exclusively for The Horse Hospital. Paintings by Michael Bucknell Michael Bucknell has painted over three thousand paintings. Most artists could only dream of painting half as many in their lifetimes. An obsessive drive and vision is the touchstone of this artist's work. Using oils on found objects he often focuses on one subject matter, painting and repainting it in almost delirious repetition. These very honest artworks give insight into a mind state and life that operates outside of every day bounds. A Selection of Films by Lamfrag, Delaney Martin, Burke Roberts and Doug Hart The world of "Lamfrag" stinks of dementia, where society conducts manic lunacy. where 'laugher men' idly give birth to their own heads and woman live unknowingly with their mothers trapped dying in their stomachs; where savage self-inflicted murder is committed to a back-drop of seething paranoia often crushed by the assertion that what goes on is actually unhinged truth. Delaney Martin is known mainly for her large-scale collaborative installations with Luke Brennan. However her solo works exist in many mediums including photography, sculpture, painting, and film. They are drawn together by their ongoing curiosity in and around the exploration of bodies. In this light hearted work she uses her own body to send a message. LA based film maker Burke Roberts is a study in the hubris and heroism of filmmaking. For years he has worked on the sidelines of Hollywood making low budget films with high budget values thanks to the dedicated and talented collective of allies he continually cultivates. In his films he presents the world as he sees it. He can be indulgent, but always potent. Insult to Injury. Set in the great depression this highly charged piece is a dialogue on fanaticism highlighting uncompromising views that have been a defining trait of humanity. Doug Hart displays his first video art from 1983. This film explores the compulsion to consume while pointing to the disposable nature of what we desire and strive to possess. Live performance by Annouchka Bayley and the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table: Annouchka Bayley has recently returned from a lengthy stay in Mongolia where she studied local folk song and vocal techniques as well as shamanic ritual. The Autocrat is a musicologist and collector of instruments. For this musical iteration he plays a high-strung banjo, the Sanshin (a fretless three-string snakeskin instrument from Okinawa), a Pig-snout Psaltery and the Chonguri (an ancient four string instrument from Mingrelia in the Caucaus). They will be performing a piece especially produced for The Horse Hospital.