Monday August 7th Doors 7.30pm, FREE ENTRY!! London's underbelly gets a thorough tickling in LONDON NOIR, a too-close-for-comfort anthology of capital crime fiction edited by Cathi Unsworth that essentially turns over a big mossy rock & shoves all our faces really close to the action. & we love it! It's Dazed & Confused's book of the month, don't you know. The Horse Hospital is hosting the launch in association with Serpent's Tail books. The party-shaped good shit will include readings from Joolz Denby, Martyn Waites, Ken Hollings, Max Decharne, Mark Pilkington & Cathi Unsworth, as well as aural necromancy from David Knight & a screening of the 1962 London classic The Boys by director Sidney J Furie (made 25 years before he hit the big time with Superman IV: The Quest For Peace).