In the Between

Bethan McFadden & Cian O'Neill

Artist Reception: Friday 11th June from 7:30pm

Exhibition: Mon - Sat, 12 - 6pm

Friday 2 JULY 2010 7:00pm £3

In the Between KINO

'A Night of (Re)animation'

7pm Caleb Selah

8:00 This Unnameable Little Broom-The Quay Brothers-1985

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies-The Quay Brothers-1987

8.25 Ornine

8.40 Damon Packard-Dawn of an Evil Millennium-1988

9:00 Brief interval

9:15 Orchine

9:25 Frankenstein-James Whale-1931

In the Between

With a mutual interest in the study of physical architecture and the aesthetics of anatomical form, Cian O’Neill and Bethan McFadden present a series of works exploring the interplay of death with birth upon the boundaries of the beautiful and the macabre. Employing elements of portraiture and fluidity of movement, these works in pencil and oil on canvas invite the viewer to enter into a space where light rises from darkness and form from distortion, to participate in a conjoining of opposites that is both playful and challenging.

Following in the tradition of Hieronymus Bosch and Ernst Fuchs, these individual and collaborative studies entwine the polarities of fear and beauty in uncanny union, utilising contrasts in colour and texture to reveal a nascent physiology rising from the space between.