Ian Johnstone


EXHIBITION: SATURDAY 6th November – SATURDAY 27th November 2010

Monday – Saturday 12-6pm

Please note that on Thursday 11th November the gallery will be closing at 3pm

PRIVATE VIEW: FRIDAY 5th November 2010, 7:30PM

A series of 23 drawings , in red ball point pen on melamine . The drawings celebrate individual blood consciousness , the in-between and the constant state of becoming .  Accompanying the drawings in the gallery will be Mr Ark Todd , doing the Levitating-moon piece , an almost static dance of inner succession versus petrification .

Performances : FRIDAY 5th November and Friday 26th November with Daniel O'sullivan ( Mothlite  Ulver  Guapo ) live on piano


They appear on blocks of unguessable purpose : pin-veined rough-cut blocks of whitewood. Displayed in the clutch of the screw's harsh thrift. The cloth is pulled away.

The 23 wounds. Sphagia. Extispicy.

Blood spidered and baked on fissured rocks. Lassos and bones and a tracework of bones. Flesh bared and pared and spindled open through a million pin pricks. Tiny and vertiginous, their lines cluster and tear themselves into liquid fold and tiny blots. The eye swoops like a raptor, bedazzled. Swims unfocused by infinitesimal mysteries. Tricked, beguiled, left rotting.

Impossible amulets

23  broken hawk beaks 23 rotted talons with their fringe of ant trail 23 fragments of a skull 23 curses hung round the neck of a scavenger wolf 23 bell shards tolled for the ghost of a headless ram 23 mourning scarves of ink-clotted lace 23 eggshells sticky with seed

Interred in the shadow of the tower of silence, beneath bird wing' storm and acid hail, the fruiting body hardens.

Takes shape.

- Geoff Cox

Ian Johnstone, Artist, Beekeeper, Coil Affiliate. Has conlababarated alot with artist Serena Korda. With artist/musician Jim Hollands and most recently with musicians Daniel O'Sullivan and Ulver. He continues work with Mikel Quirós on the agroforrestry/garden/farming project 'Cantu fermusu'

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