I wanna live in a world that I am used to




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The Horse Hospital presents I wanna live in a world that I am use to:

A one night show bringing together the work of Kris Abdai, Kineret Lourie and Maurice Hoël.

Special guests include Marie-France, The Formidable (the anxiety in disguise),

Slapstick Sue, Dive bar David, The Introverted Exhibitionist & Tina Turner

Kris, Kineret and Maurice will work with the cinematic potential of the Horse Hospital by installing sets to be occupied by the cast and audience for 4 hours. Throughout the duration of the stage show, ongoing narratives unfold and meet. Get ready to witness a comedy show gone wrong! Cross Marie-france and the Formidable (the anxiety in disguise) in a passage way or on the roof. Get hypnotised to make your voice healthy, reliable and more powerful!

Kris Abdai 

Working with a range of time based media including sound, video and live acts, Kris’ research revolves around the semiotics in cinema and theatre, most particularly the face, the close-up and the expression of the performer. Using isolated scenes, loops and often staging live interventions within their installations, Kris plays with themes of comedy & tragedy, spectacle and fandom through the use of slapstick, horror and farce.

Recent projects include Don’t Look at Me, artist-director, cinema installation including video and live performance; installed and premiered at Hats Off, Ashley, Berlin, Germany and screened at Camp Void, Graumans Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, United States - Laugh Magazine, founder and co-editor; Laugh Magazine Issue #2 Launch, ASP2, ICA, London, England and Laugh Magazine Issue #2 Show, LD50, London, England



Maurice Hoel

Maurice Hoël works with several media such as videos, books, and events so called happening-characters and performative films. Playing with existential masks, sometimes absurd or uncanny, Maurice explores games of power and desires within social relationships infolded in a language of symptoms. In constant disguise yet exposed, Maurice uses cinematic and theatrical techniques to set up scenarios of crisis within the subject’s identities and control and seeks for emotional fragments of intimate exchanges. Hoel (b.1985/France) lives and works in London, founder and run flat deux, exhibition programme. Practice based Phd Student at the University of Reading and the LUX, the film cooperative of London. Title proposal “Is it your hand or is it my hand”, on the artist and filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin (1939 – 2012).

Recent shows 2016, 10.01 happening-characters:'Bertha, Marie-france and Valerie' for ‘It’s not the digging, it’s the dirt", invitation by DIRT collective, at Artlick weekend, London. 08.29 performative film ‘You lonely white sugar on a sunny balcony’ with flat deux, Balfron Tower, London. 05.13 Anonymous happening-characters: 'Mister Blue, Marie-france' for “Hats off” collective show, Berlin, 01.30 “Knot knot” series of curated shows with flat deux, London, performative film ‘The wrong lover’. philomenehoel.fr   flatdeux.com

Kineret Lourie

Operating in the liminal space between moving image, sound and drawing, Kineret Lourie is searching for the immanent, sometimes ridiculous clash between romanticism and the absurd. starting from a first person standpoint, her work composites constructed musical soundtracks, performance and fabricated narrative sequences in order to tease out human gestures to the point in which they manifest their own thresholds, questioning notions of ambition, aspiration, desire and breakdown. Live and works in London, co-curator of Dirt collective, an online broadcasting platform facilitates live work.

Recent projects include ‘its not the digging its the dirt’, performative broadcast event by Dirt collective, Artlicks weekend London, ’Enjoy Your Voice’, video installation, Ashley, Berlin ‘The renovation’, solo show in collaboration with Ariel Caine, the New & the Bad gallery, Haifa Isarel, ’once I knew a redheaded girl’ durational music performance for ‘Knot knot series of curated shows with flat deux, London




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