Hopital Brut

The Toxic Art of Le Dernier Cri Exhibition Runs 11th – 30rd June 2001 The Chamber Of Pop Culture presents the UK premiere of HOPITAL BRUT, an exhibition of 2-D, 3-D Cartoon Surrealist art and video work from prolific Marseilles based collective Le Dernier Cri, who have been producing beautiful and disturbing screenprinted books from their publishing house since 1993.


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HOPITAL BRUT is a squat Svankmayer fighting mass production with special edition, combating excess with excess; visual culture relobotomised into a Deleuzian cyborg nightmare that advertising can only dream of reaching.

Conceived as an asylum where the audience calls at each of the wards to observe the heavily medicated inmates / artists, HOPITAL BRUT is a toxic mix of Visionary Outsider Art, Underground Comics, Manga and good ol’ Pornography from over 80 artists – a world wide selection from Europe, Japan, the UK and USA. Le Dernier Cri scratch mix image history; artwork juxtaposing combustible parts of the past and present to form a bulimic cartoon future. To date the work of the collective has been shown at 13 venues in Slovenia, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Japan.