Gone To Texas

In dark times, know your demons. October 31st...they're here... Halloween Extravaganza! Gone To Texas Goth To Texas! GTT, the Western artist magazine, gets resurrected in time for Halloween. Come join the ghost riders in the sky! The Whiskey! The Women! The Priest! The Fickle Finger of Fate! The Sinister Voodoo Crew! The Scarily Sacral St Silas! The Pale Impaler! The Cavorting Zombies! The Bone Daddy!

To enter into our state of limbo you MUST bring 2 pound coins for the ferry man (one for each eye). Our numbers are limited. Ring James B.L. Hollands, the Angel of Death, on 0207 833 3644 to put your name on the door. Dress accordingly