Foolishpeople 'Dark Nights Of The Soul: A Magical Anthology'

Saturday 18 NovemberDoors 7.30pm, entry UKP7, UKP5 members/concessions CYCLE V: HOME Fifth in the increasingly popular series of one-night-only magical happenings from the Foolishpeople theatre company, written and directed by John Harrigan. Foolishpeople is "a collective of artists who creates a form of interactive and populist theatre. By combining performance art, Hermeticism, Gnosticism and the esoteric, they create theatre that is an essential ritual aiming to engage the spectator in numinous experience." Booking is advisable. Please call us on 020 7833 3644 or send us an e-mail to to make a reservation. The Cimetiere Grimoire. Entree DCCCLXXXVIII This is my final entry in this accursed work which has swallowed my life and taken everything that I ever truly treasured. Friends, family and youth. The path I have followed has been fraught. Through every place of power where we lay our bones and free our will. These harrow homes that I have torn secrets from. Through all the many laws of the places that we finally rest in and which they that will remain unnamed shall forever have dominion over, there is one rumour that still persists that I have saved for the final entry in my life's work, which has proven almost impossible to prise each and every fact from. For its pervasive power and structure shifts throughout all of time. This is the terrible tale of a family who's story begins with a woman of carnival stock... Home is the penultimate Cycle of the award winning Dark Nights of the Soul anthology.

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