David Tibet & Steven Stapleton

April 8th-May 4th 2002Forging a mutual artistic bond in 1983 lasting to the present day, Tibet and Stapleton create coherent yet separate visions, in turns destructive and beautiful, both demonic and childlike.


Utilising collage, ink, watercolour, enamel paint, crayon and household paint, Stapleton blends influences from Roland Topor and Max Ernst, whilst Tibet's pastel drawings move from Enid Blyton to Louis Wain. This inaugural exhibition displays new and old 2D and 3D works comprising of a selection from a vast 20 year body of work both on paper and in sound, including original album cover art, with two new site-specific sound installations by the artists.

World renowned as recording artists Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, Tibet and Stapleton initially grew as seminal lights of the UK post-punk experimental and underground scene to latter production of their huge swathes of musically apocalyptic folkscapes and surreal visions of unsellable pop music. Issuing both their own and others' contemporary work, as well as part forgotten gems of artistic endeavour from folk musicians to decadent authors upon their Durtro, United Dairies and United Durtro record labels, as well as the Durtro and Ghost Story press imprints, Tibet and Stapleton fiercely champion independence, operating as both cult and cottage industry to their selves; proffering an umbrella and expression for the aesthetically unique. Limited release to coincide with art exhibit Current Ninety Three and Nurse With Wound are issuing a 2CD set to coincide with the exhibition of artwork by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet at the Horse Hospital gallery in London. Limited to 1000 copies, on the PanDurtro label, it is presently available only from durtro.com. Each group has contributed an album of newly recorded music; the 2CDs are packaged in a double-sided full-colour cruciform sleeve with insert. This double album will be available at the shows by Current Ninety Three in London, and the Horse Hospital, as well as from Durtro Mail Order. The album costs