Wednesday, 3rd of May Doors 7.30pm SNOWBOOKS SEX & DRUGS NIGHT Featuring BRUCE BENDERSON The Horse Hospital presents the official launch party for The Romanian: Story of an Obsession, by acclaimed queer author, Bruce Benderson, who will read selections from the work. There'll almost certainly be a Q&A too, which should be something. His interviews rock. Published in the UK by Snowbooks, this Prix de Flores-winning erotic memoir (released in France under the title, Autobiographie Erotique) is the first of the author's works to appear in the UK. I'm half-way though & it's great. Benderson, born in 1946, is a New York-based writer, critic & translator, author of User, Towards a New Degeneracy & Kyle, a Cruiser Classic pulp porno I pulled out of a second-hand bookshop in Greece about ten years ago, giving me a really memorable public boner experience. Great bookshop. They had werewolf porno too. While on that note, please be aware that Lisa Carver from Suckdog won't be able to make it.