Bjarne Melgaard

Fred [London] LTD and The Horse Hospital present Jasmine La Nuit : Bjarne Melgaard and Andy Warhol at the Horse Hospital Exhibition Sat 4th - Sat 25th June The Horse Hospital Mon- Sat Hours 12 - 6pm or by appointment

Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard will present an extraordinary installation at London's Chamber of Pop Culture @ The Horse Hospital. The installation features new works including especially designed fabric printed with his signature Chihuahua drawings and furniture custom made for comfortable viewing. On to this relaxing backdrop, Melgaard then juxtaposes his own paintings and drawings with a selection of exclusive screenings from episodes from the unique Andy Warhol Television show. In addition to these rare and gripping Factory moments, Bjarne Melgaard will screen the video made by Warhol's Factory For Music performed by Loredana Berte, the then wife of Bjorn Borg. Bjarne Melgaard's intention is to create an amazing environment in which visitors can lounge on his furniture, and enjoy a rare and re-contextualised glimpse into the unseen side of Warhol's world. Melgaard comments: "The show was based upon the idea of re-contextualizing Warhol into a much more marginal and more complex setting than how we are used to experiencing Warhol. The Warhol TV was directed by Vincent Freeman as well as the video and footage they did (The Factory) with Loradana Berte, the wife of Bjorn Borg. The main reason I have chosen this multitude of different references is to find a way of trying to locate the self in something dead, something Warhol used in his work, in his way of portraying the face as a mask of death and the mask of death that Lordedana Berte eventually became.... ............I am working with this idea to forcefully complicate the way Scandinavia [and Scandinavian heros] are looked upon as the purveyors of good taste and minimal gestures making a suffocating and redeemed society seem innocent and pure in its Lutheran spirit."