Alejandro Jodorowsky & Pascale Montandon

HHa+pimage.jpgExhibition: Saturday 7th - Saturday 28th November 2009 Monday - Saturday 12 - 6pm Alejandro Jodorowsky & Pascale Montandon Guerilla Zoo presents an exclusive exhibition of an exciting new series of collaborative artworks by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Pascale Montandon. Together they have created a wonderful merging of talents, with pen and inks by Alejandro and watercolours by Pascale, covering various themes including; Love, Violence, Spritiuality, Psychomagik / Psychogenology, Tarot, Absurdism and other Jodorowskian subjects. In this new series of work, which echoes back to the Panic Fables, Jodorowsky continues his ever developing personal themes and concepts. Together with his partner Pascale Montandon, they have created a 'third mind' through their art. The work appears as a powerful combination of both artist's unique creative process. Jodorowsky's clearly recognisable characters and Montandon's evoking colourscapes merge beautifully. This series of work is in their own words, 'our child!' Alejandro Jodorowsky During the late 1960s Jodorowsky started mixing his avant-garde projects with mystical curiosity. In 1966, editor Luis Spota invited Jodorowsky to publish a regular comic strip in the cultural pages of the daily paper in 'El Heraldo de México', under the title 'Fábulas Pánicas'. These 'fables' had a thinly veiled autobiographical tone while covering all kinds of esoteric subjects, where Jodorowsky submitted to the most arcane Oriental wisdom with humorous non-attachment. The comic strip enjoyed great popularity, and Jodorowsky kept producing and publishing if until the end of 1973, leaving an excellent eyewitness report on the spiritual restlessness of a nation prevalent in those years. His mystical experimentation proposed a sort of faithless mysticism. Getting away from the truth or falsity of religious concepts, he concentrated on the "magical" healing effects produced by his actions: "If this is a trap, it's a sacred trap." Pascale Montandon Pascale Montandon has been exhibiting her emotional charged art works since 1989. She paints on paper and canvas using inks and collage creating a perfect balance in handling spaces and silent pauses that punctuate her compositions. She masters a science of abstraction of forms and balances. Her work on is set on and hangs in a perfect rhythm, which constantly resonates in the contemplation of her work. * Part of A SEASON OF JODOROWSKY

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