Thursday 10th DecemberDoors 7pm £3 nor inta copy 5.jpg Songs of prose, psychedelic visuals, spoken word, musical mayhem.. Zoe Street Howe and Fortune Teller Press present: YOU FILL ME WITH INERTIA THE JOHN MOORE ROCK & ROLL TRIO Partying like it's 1959! Back to basics from members of the Jesus & Mary Chain, Black Box Recorder, Lush and Ride. VIV ALBERTINE: Delights and insights from the original Slits member. MR SOLO: Further genius from the David Devant & His Spirit Wife legend, and current guitarist in Glam Chops. Readings from: ZOE STREET HOWE: author of Typical Girls?, the new and esteemed Slits biography...and musician, actress, etc. GRAHAM BENDEL: author of A Nasty Piece Of Work & Director of Billy Childish Is Dead. Poetry from: SYBIL MADRIGAL (ace, wondrous poet/backed by the musical talents of Alex Ward) PLUS Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk) as DJ.