Monday 9th July 7:30pmFREE The democracy of images and the ubiquity and saturation of DIY internet frameworks such as youtube, myspace, google video and the like. Why do we do it (both as posters and viewers), is this creative anarchy (in the positive sense) and the long promised internet democracy or yet another way of keeping the masses stupid and self absorbed? Dave Beech of Freee will examine this relationship between media and culture in an explorative evening combining entertainment, distraction and revolution. Dave Beech was born Warrington, 1965, England. Studied at Leicester Polytechnic and Royal College of Art. Beech teaches Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. He is a regular contributor to Art Monthly and co-editor of The Internationaler magazine. Freee is a new art collective bringing together the practices of Dave Beech, Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan. For more information please go to www.freee.org.uk www.trayner.org/wetube.htm