Weaponized Imprint Launch

8-12pm FREE

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On the 14th November,and publication of The Sparky Show at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury.

The Weaponized imprint extends the immersive art of FoolishPeople into the realm of publishing. Our mission is to seek out and disseminate experimental forms of fiction, prose and art which offer new ways to experience stories and myth.

The Sparky Show written by Xanadu Xero in an exploding dossier of words and photography of a doomed and perfect relationship, retrofitted with psilocybin. A report from the trenches of love post culture, mid-life, reminiscent in its gonzo style and 'take no prisoners' attitude to Hunter S. Thompson. Not your average empty-nest Beverly Hills Mom. The Sparky Show is one of the first titles published by Weaponized, featuring raw and uncensored archival photography by the author, with stunning art and design by P. Emerson Williams.

The evening of celebration will include:

An exhibition of artworks from Weaponized artists and authors Xanadu Xero, P. Emerson Williams and Richard Webb.

Special live performances by FoolishPeople from John Harrigan's Dead Language, published by Weaponized in September 2010.

A panel discussion on Bizzaro, cult and experimental fiction with the Weaponized Authors, hosted by John Harrigan.

Live music, in a rare European performance by P. Emerson Williams. More people listen to the sounds of P. Emerson Williams every day than realize it. A visionary artist and an illustrator, his work takes projects spanning physical and digital media, genres and modes of performance to strange realms.

Xanadu Xero, P. Emerson Williams and Richard Webb will be guests at the Weaponized launch and available to sign copies of their books.