The Politics of Cannibalism


Doors open at 7:30pm (£5 entry on the door)

Featuring Mark Pilkington, Vanessa Hodgkinson and Amira Ghazalla

Cannibalism — the ultimate depravity, which is also the ultimate intimacy — has been used to justify colonialism and war, made into an allegory of cultural appropriation, and denied outright. But nothing generates moral outrage — and great copy — like a cannibal.

Tales of cannibalism have terrified and enthralled listeners for centuries.

Tonight: a very special evening, at the limit good taste: three approaches to the cultural politics of cannibalism.

Horse Hospital habitué and horror aficionado Mark Pilkington provides a guided tour of cannibal films, via their trailers.

Artist Vanessa Hodgkinson presents on original video work, "Going Native," that explores the psychodynamics of cannibal fantasies in chat rooms from the early days of the Internet.

Actress and artist Amira Ghazalla presents "Murder Pudding," an interpretative history of Egypt's favorite and only dessert whose name and appearance is literally revenge served cold. Text by Sophia Al-Maria.

Pudding will be served. A bespoke cocktail will be available for purchase.

"We Are What We Eat" is co-presented by Strange Attractor Press, the Horse Hospital, and the Delfina Foundation.

It is part of the public program for the Politics of Food residency at the Delfina Foundation, curated by Michael C. Vazquez.