Voices from the Japanese Avant-garde Music Scene




Koichi Makigami is an internationally acclaimed musician and avant-garde vocalist with a very distinct voice. Also the leader and vocalist of the now legendary band Hikashu, Makigami regularly performs and records solo vocal experiments, combining elements of Japanese theatre traditions and presenting an exciting and energetic array of vocal acrobatics and personalities. Makigami's compositions and improvisations have gained him numerous fans around the world and have inspired collaborations both within and beyond the field of music.

A musician with a colourful and eclectic career, Makigami will talk about his inspirations, the basis of his work and his career as a solo artist as well as the leader of Hikashu, while reflecting on Tokyo's underground music scene in the late 70s through to today.

Joined in conversation by Dr Alan Cummings, music journalist and lecturer at SOAS, Makigami will talk about his international collaborations, discussing the potential of these practices and suggesting how music can be a connecting force between different cultures and disciplines.

During the event, there will be a short performance by Koichi Makigami.