UnicaZürn // Steve Thrower // David Knight // Album Launch

Wednesday 16th September Doors: 7:30 UNICAZURN_PHOTO.jpg UnicaZürn - debut album: Temporal Bends - Album Launch UnicaZürn celebrate the release of their debut CD album 'Temporal Bends' with a launch event at The Horse Hospital. Unicazürn will perform a short set and copies of 'Temporal Bends' will be available for purchase on the night. Label: uZu Music Catalogue Number: UZ01 Release date: 16th September 2009 UnicaZürn are: Stephen Thrower (Cyclobe; Coil) David Knight (Arkkon; Shock Headed Peters; Danielle Dax; Lydia Lunch) Both are also members of the improvisation group The Amal Gamal Ensemble. Composed from recordings and improvisations made between 2004-2009 (with guest vocals by Danielle Dax), by the banks of the Thames and the East Sussex coast, Temporal Bends is a journey through time, and a dive into the depths. Recording sessions throughout have been accompanied by the spectre of water; slow currents or lapping waves, windows of streaming rain, seashore horizons. Temporal Bends is aquatic, coastal music, connecting UnicaZürn's experience of the rivers and seas of England with the micro-waterways of memory and the mind, through decompression and dehydration to full flood and saturation. The oceans and estuaries of late evenings past and yet to come. UnicaZürn's core musical instrumentation is processed electric guitar, clarinet and saxophone. Knight is renowned for his pulverising fretwork in Shock Headed Peters, and his cavernous guitar treatments in Arkkon; Thrower's reed playing provided a distinctive 'free-melancholy' in Coil and emerges as electro-acoustic texture in Cyclobe. To this duophonic arrangement, UnicaZürn add copious analogue synthesizer, mellotron and piano, with influences echoing back through Tangerine Dream's early albums to the VCS3 days of Roxy Music. UnicaZürn offer a deeply immersive music which hovers at the brink of abstraction, seeking to conjure at that threshold fantastical coastlines and subterranean narratives in the mind's eye. www.myspace.com/unicazurnofficial www.cyclobe.com www.arkkon.com