7pm - 10pm

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Instructor: Nag Vladermersky

Too little attention has been paid to animated horror and yet animation is uniquely qualified as an art form to fully explore all our fears and anxieties, through visuals crafted by some of the most creative imaginations on the planet. In this illustrated talk, Nag Vladermersky, Director of the London International Animation Festival, will look at the specific forms that horror takes in animation, digging deep into the bowels of the extensive LIAF archive to unearth some of the darkest, weirdest and hellish gems that have screened at the festival over the last 14 years.

Among several short films rarely screened outside of the film festival circuit, he will explore the cruel and casual violence seen in the films of local animators Chris Shepherd (Dads Dead) and stop-motion puppet master Robert Morgan (Bobby Yeah) alongside the terrifying visions and otherworldly sinister CG terrains of Dutch animator Rosto (Lonely Bones), the ultra-creepy, bizarre monsters created by Pieter Coudijzer (Beast!) and race issues in the American South circa 1919 as depicted by Einar Baldwin (The Pride of Strathmoor).

About the instructor:

Nag Vladermersky is the founder, director and programmer of the London International Animation Festival (LIAF) in the UK. Over 14 years LIAF has grown to become the UK’s largest animation festival annually screening 300 animated films from more than 30 countries over 10 days and nights in several London venues. Nag is also the co-Director of the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) in Australia and he regularly travels to festivals, colleges and institutions across the UK and worldwide delivering lectures and presentations on all aspects of animation.


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