The London Underground Film Session: AUGUST

7:30 pm £5 at the door

Limited discounted tickets are available in advance

The London Underground Film Sessions is back at The Horse Hospital with another eclectic selection of cinematic wonders. Curated by Robert W. Monk and presented by David Sharkey, the event promises to be a night of macabre delights and visionary oddities.

PROGRAMME: DJ Pony Girl Known for her guest sets at Endurance, Reeperbahn and Brave Exhibitions, DJ Pony Girl will be playing EBM and wave oddities between films.

A WALK AROUND HINKLEY POINT B: Liberty Rowley/Mark James (2010, 4mins)
An intriguing journey around the nature trail set up around the (in)famous nuclear power station. The constant hum of the station and the myriad of pylons contrasts wildly with the more pleasing aspects of nature; the wild flowers, the birds, the cattle, the sea...

THE TRANSIT OF VENUS: Robert Kyle/John Holland (2011, 13mins) Inspired by Kenneth Anger and Jack Smith, this eerie piece of phantasmagoria blends magical and mystical imagery in a compelling and powerful trip through the senses. A disturbing, disorientating and exhilaratingly odd odyssey.

ONE MINUTE, VOLUME FIVE: Kerry Baldry (2011, 45mins) We are very pleased to welcome back artist and filmmaker Kerry Baldry who has curated another collection of artists’ moving image pieces all running under sixty seconds. Entitled One Minute Volume Five – Volume Four was screened back in April – the project features a wide range of material taking in a whole variety of styles and imagery. Audiences can expect to be challenged, provoked and entranced by the wealth of visual artistry on display.

HAUSU Nobuhiko Obayahi (1977, 87mins)

Nothing can quite prepare an audience for a screening of Nobuhiko Obayahi’s Hausu (or in English, ‘House’). It is, to put it simply, quite unlike anything else in cinema (or anything else for that matter). The hallucinatory tale of a group of girls spending their summer holidays in a house where nothing is quite what it seems is part fairy tale, part slapstick and part acid-soaked nightmare. To say anymore could jeopardize the profoundly startling effect this glimpse into a world full of madness can have. But let it be known that celluloid fantasy rarely goes this deep or this demented; when it does it pulls the viewer to the very edge – Hausu is one such film. _____________________________________________________________

RUNNING TIMES: 7.30pm DJ Pony Girl 8.00pm A Walk Around Hinkley Point B & The Transit of Venus (17mins) 8.20pm DJ Pony Girl 8.30pm One Minute Volume Five (45mins) 9.15pm DJ Pony Girl 9.30pm Hausu (87mins)