The London Underground Film Festival 2011

Momento Mori

Throughout the 2011 London Underground Film Festival new works by Emily Rose England will be shown at the Horse Hospital in an exhibition called "Momento Mori".

Thursday, 1st December

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6pm – 7:30pm - Saccadic Masking: Selected Short Films (Voting Session)

The London Underground Film Festival is proud to present a selection of the best short films submitted in 2011. The audience will be invited to vote by secret ballot for best short film at the 2011 LUFF.

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PROGRAMME Daniel McKernan - WHOEVER WHATEVER (6:30) Nic Saunders - AT APOLLINAIRE'S GRAVE (24:54) Marianna O'Reilly - 28 (4:38) Lefty Caligari - GOLDFISH IN A PETRI DISH (7:59) Fabienne Gautier - ICELAND (4:09) Mitch Patrick - HANSEL AND GRETEL (7:30) + more!

8:00pm – 9:30pm - Saccadic Pursuit: Selected Short Films (Voting Session)

The London Underground Film Festival is proud to present a selection of the best short films submitted in 2011. The audience will be invited to vote by secret ballot for best short film at the 2011 LUFF.

Discounted tickets in advance from: or 5GBP at the door.PROGRAMME:

PROGRAMME Matt Murphy - ASYLUM (17:09) Laisa Ramthun - TONRAR YURALRIA (6:08) Andrew Rowe - HIPPO BIRDWINGS (5:34) Kiron Hussain - SLICK HORSING (3:00) Pato Bosich - THE IMMORTALS (16:57) Nick Ebeling - GIVE UP (4:45) Matthew Clarke - BAKA (4:39) Hazel Gore - POISON IVY (4:55) Nelson Carvajal - MAKESHIFT CORRECT (12:22)

10pm – 11:30pm Three Lives: Selected Documentaries (Voting Session).

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The London Underground Film Festival presents three very different documentaries that explore the environmental contexts of their subjects: a woman resurrecting the drum dance in Greenland, the sound and video artist Jose Macabra, and the not-so-fictional everywoman, Adrienne.


ECHOES (24min.) Ivalo Frank (2010) Echoes is an award winning experimental music documentary recorded on various abandoned military places in Greenland. The film is structued according to the sounds, structures and colours of the mosaic landscape of steep mountains. It tells the (love) story about two people who have met here, in in the midst of international politics and war history.

IN THE RUINS OF STILL (30min.) Taran (2011) This film provides a glimpse into the life of Spanish born, Berlin / London based sound and video artist Jose Macabra, known for his work as curator of Antagony and his recent work with Ernesto Tomasini, Trans4Leben, a mixture of opera, sound improvisation and video art.

THIS IS MY SHOW (15min.) Loris Felker (2009) "Working with Nature" can be grueling and painful, but your hostess Adrienne is ready and willing to walk you through what it takes to perfect and control your surroundings. Adrienne brings you the very best in high quality, high definition gardening television, as she takes all of the necessary tools into her own hands for your edification and enjoyment. We think this is the future of documentary film-making.

Friday, 2nd December

8pm – 12am Opening Night Party

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The London Underground Film Festival celebrates opening night with some of the best underground film, music, and performance art Europe has to offer.


LIVE: GERTRUD STEIN Synthpop chanteuse Gertrud Stein will be gracing our stage, accompanied by her virtual backing dancers.

SOFT RIOT Soft Riot is JJD of Savage Furs: one person with a lot of antiquated equipment and lighting performing sinister, minimalist electronic "pop" songs equally influenced from dystopian film, soundtracks and various types of "wave" music. A forthcoming EP, "Another Drone In Your Head", will be released on the US label Tundra Dubs in early 2012.

PARDON MY EARLY EXIT; HOPE YOU SURVIVE! A rare performance by the gender bender-sound-art-project - pardon my early exit; hope you survive! , an open multimedia platform to experiment with sound, vision, touch, smell, taste, and the six and SevEn senses, an obsessive/compulsive collector interested in what others reject or can't find use for, to give it a new life, a new name and a different meaning. Loud or quiet, clean or distorted, no preconceptions, restraint is a tool to reach further, sink deeper, spread out wider and shrink. For this special occasion expect -or unexpect- deep sea creatures and aliens ... as above, so below!

EMERGENT BEHAVIOUR Performance art duo Emergent Behaviour will be presenting a new piece devised especially for the London Underground Film Festival.

MILKandLEAD Theatre and body art performer MILKandLEAD will be performing "The Red Virgin Mary", exploring the sacred and profane in a re-reading of the traditional self-immolation rituals performed by sacristans in some southern Italian villages.

DJs: HEIDI HEELZ Creator of Dice Club and erstwhile bass player in The Guillotines, Heidi is now on a mission to instigate a glam rock resurgence. It is going quite well. Catch her at GlamRacket every first Saturday of the month at The Buffalo Bar or at her residencies at Aces & Eights, The Lexington and The Retro Bar. And while you're at it check out her Roxy and Eno tribute band "Proxy Music" (next gigs: Dec 20th @ The Buffalo Bar and Dec 31st @ The 100 Club).

BRAVE EXHIBITIONS Brave Exhibitions is cold/minimal/no(w)-wave muzak club renowned for the avante-garde and the "unexpected". Established in the notorious darker corners of Shoreditch, London, and now expanded to Berlin - Brave is a rookery for precocious bands, performance artists, and DJ's that will compel and disturb you.

NEVER COME BACK Founded by Emily Rose England and Alison Lewis, Never Come Back is London's newest experimental dance party. The club featuring some of the most exciting performers to grace the scene and spinning classic and new minimal wave, NDW, coldwave, queerwave, post-punk, synth pop, new beat and old EBM.

+ More!

MC: PRINCESS JULIA Princess Julia has a keen interest in all things creative, writing, music and, of course, film. Currently a music editor at iD Magazine, she contributes to QX, GQ Style, Beige. Catch up with her at

PROJECTIONS: Video art projections will be presented by the Berlin-based Argentinian artist Carmen Burguess, also known for her work in Mueran Humanos.

Saturday, 3rd December

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12 – 1:30 Made in Birmingham; Reggae, Punk, Bhangra

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The London Underground Film Festival will be showing Deborah Ashton's music documentary Made in Birmingham: Reggae, Punk, Bhangra.

ABOUT MADE IN BIRMINGHAM As the title suggests, the film concentrates on reggae, punk and bhangra and uses rare and unseen archive material interlaced with contemporary interviews with musicians such as UB40, Steel Pulse, Beshara, Swami, The Nightingales, Au Pairs, Amlak, The Prefects, Fuzzbox, The Ever Readies, The Accused, Apna Sangeeta and others.

The film looks at how these groups started, the venues they played in and how they music they made reflected their communities social, political and cultural issues. Directed by Deborah Aston and produced by swish for the Birmingham Popular Music Archive the film takes a fond look at Birmingham and some of its music heritage.

2 – 3:30 Revolutions in Progress: Selected Short Films and Roundtable

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One+One: Filmmakers Journal presents a round table discussion on the topic of revolution, with filmmakers, cultural theorists and activists. They will be screening a selection of film submitted to their film challenge: “Revolutions in Progress” to aid the discussion. Along with this they will be launch and giving out free copies of issue 7 of their journal.

4:00 – 5:30 Today is Boring presents... THUNDERCRACK!

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The London Underground Film Festival and TODAY IS BORING present Curt McDowell's 1975 cult pornographic black comedy, THUNDERCRACK!

ABOUT THUNDERCRACK! Witness if you dare, the world’s only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla. Ecstasy so great that all heaven and hell becomes just one big old Shangri-La! Director Curt McDowell and writer/actor George Kuchar created the exceptionally perverse and utterly brilliant Thundercrack! With the initial setup of an atmospheric gothic horror tale — dark stormy night breakdown featuring a creepy old house on the hill — it quickly turns into a bawdy graphic and darkly comic orgy. Dead drunk, horny and delirious Marion Eaton commands the screen as one of cinema’s weirdest female characters while George Kuchar falls madly in love with a gorilla. Not recommended for those with tender sensibilities, Thundercrack! fully exposes itself with trash-noir lighting through which to peer at the pickles, the puke and the polymorphs.

A true cult classic that has shocked, excited and amazed audiences worldwide, this presentation of Thundercrack! is the first public screening of the film since 2003. This film will arouse,challenge and question you through every torrid moment of solo, gay, bisexual and straight couplings, voyeurism and more. You will be seduced into accepting this orgy of sexual liberation!

The most dialogue you will ever see in porn and the most porn you will ever see in a melodrama, Thundercrack! is a volatile marriage of genres, fluid sexuality and depraved perversion. — D.A. JOHNSTON*

ABOUT TODAY IS BORING Today is Boring is a film archive that undertakes film curation and events promotion, and film production. The archive now centres on research and reference for organisations and individuals, rather than the ad campaign-driven mass entertainment of the day.

6:00 – 7:00 Hex Work: Selected Ritual Film Actions

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The London Underground Film Festival presents three examples of the magick of cinema in Hex Work, a session of ritual film actions by Cosmotropia de Xam of Mater Suspiria Vision, Paul Kindersley and Angel Rose.

C R A 5 H E D (The Failed / Pernicia) has prepared a witch house / drone podcast to mark the occasion. Listen here:

PROGRAMME: Paul Kindersley - ALBERT, SKETCH FOR A BALLET This film is edited from footage of performances of Paul Kindersley’s ‘Albert; Sketch for a Ballet’. Paul Kindersley is a London-based installation artist who maintains the “definitive guide to dressing like Albert from Dario Argento’s 1977 film ‘Suspiria’” ( ). Drawing on camp, nostalgia and the extremities of exploitation movies of the 60’s and 70’s, his work explores the exaggerated filmic concepts and emotions of tragedy, eroticism, melodrama, violence and the tacky. He has exhibited widely, including at the ICA, Royal Festival Hall, Corpus Christi Library, and the Centre for Recent Drawing.

Cosmotropia de Xam - FANTASIA Fantasia is an “LSD witchcraft Trip Experimental film” by Cosmotropia de Xam of the ‘witch house’ act, Mater Suspiria Vision.

Angel Rose - RITUAL 1 The archaic understanding of the word glamour is “a magical spell or charm.” In Ritual 1, Angel Rose seeks to cast this spell, by way of the world’s most widely used fetish item – money. As an introduction, we are welcomed into “The Pink Palace Cult” as she recites the initiation rites. Equal parts performance and sacrement, Angel Rose is then mummified in dollar bills, and worshiped by a gang of dragged-up death gods. She has re-imagined this ancient Egyptian ceremony into a vsion of glamour, excess and hysteria. Hailing from Hollywood, California, Angel Rose moved to London to pursue a lifestyle of creativity and debauchery. A recent graduate of Goldsmiths University, her work explores trash culture and the darker side of glamour, combining elements of kitsch and surrealism into video and performance art. She has performed live at events such as Jodie Harsh’s Circus, Eat Your Heart Out and for Illamasqua Cosmetics.

7:30 – 9:30 Duncan Reekie: A Retrospective

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As part of the London Underground Film Festival, Duncan Reekie will present and perform a selection of work including early Super 8 films, recent digital video and the world premiere of a new performance.

ABOUT DUNCAN REEKIE Duncan Reekie has been a malign influence on British Underground Cinema for over twenty years. He has produced a diverse body of work that explores a variety of styles, techniques and purpose including narrative drama, scratching and colouring celluloid, multiple superimpositions, video collage and lyrical visions. Reekie has developed a mongrel praxis that refuses the institutional separation between theory and practice. It is subjective and chaotic, it is enmeshed in a complex system of political contingencies : he is an agent in the narrative. He is perhaps most celebrated for his performance work which features projected images and scathing rhetoric which is often mistaken for irony. He is a founder member of the infamous Exploding Cinema Collective, a radical open access-screening group and he was the co-ordinator, producer and co-director of the international Underground feature film MALDOROR (2001) that has toured extensively throughout Europe and America. His highly acclaimed book ‘Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema’ was published by Wallflower Press in October 2007.


How We Are Born A doctor explains the facts of life 1994 performance/ music/ Over Head Projector (5 mins)

DESTROY ALL MOBSTERS A searing indictment of Avant Garde pretension. Super 8 and performance 1993 (9.5 mins)

STICKLEBACK Underexposed beach hi-jinx - scratched and hand painted. Super 8 1994 (3 mins)

HAVELESS My life underwater performance/ music/ Super 8 1992 (13 mins)

THE CHAMP A heartbreaking drama in which a man seeks to come to terms with the death of a beloved companion. Video 1996 (8.5 mins)

FILM AGAINST FILM The working class brainwashed by Avant garde film. Starring Michael Caine and Malcolm le Grice. Video 2006 (8 mins)

SON OF OEDIPUS #3 A psychedelic romp through Freudian lust in scratched and hand coloured celluloid. Featuring a NEW score by the fabulous Dog Rack Super 8 2001 (10 mins)

Lord of the Wasps The killer awoke before dawn 2005 performance/ music/ video (5 mins)

ARGONAUT A journey into the heart of your own eyes Video 2009 (7 mins)

The King in Darkness A psychedelic/materialist reworking of H.P. Lovecraft and his cult. Video 2008 (14 mins)

The Silence of Oz Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…. Video 2011 (4 mins)

My Arkive Into the golden dawn… 2008 performance/ music/ video (5 mins)

From My Shadow Collection Section 6. Sunlight through trees : wind Video 2011 (6 mins)

10 – 11:30 A Redemption Films Premiere: The Owner

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The London Underground Film Festival and Redemption Films presents the UK premiere of the Argentinian horror film "The Owner" (aka El Propietario), directed by Valentín Javier Diment and Luis Ziembrowski.

ABOUT THE FILM The Owner is a dark and perverse film that centres on an aspiring lesbian actress and her girlfriend who become the focus of their landlords voyeuristic obsession. The Owner is one of a new wave of South American horror films that are genuinely pushing and exploring the presentation of horror in exciting and provocative ways and, while not for the faint-hearted, this exploration of possessive madness and sexual depravity will not be easily forgotten.

ABOUT REDEMPTION FILMS The Salvation Group currently consists of four main divisions Redemption Films, Purgatory, Triple Silence, and Salvation TV. Redemption Films was formed in 1993. Redemption was a genuinely ground-breaking film label which brought the works of Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Bruno Mattei, Lucio Fulci, as well as numerous other films that had previously been banned as video nasties or that were just not available, to a wide mainstream audience. Redemption’s highly distinctive black, white and red packaging became instantly recognizable on the shelves of retailers and Redemption’s insistence on releasing films in their correct ratios, in their original language and, UK censors permitting, uncut, rapidly established Redemption’s reputation among horror fans. Since its founding the Redemption label has gone through a variety of changes and challenges including having had more films banned by the BBFC than any other distributor (Bare Behind Bars, The Sadist of Notre Dame, Sadomania, Love Camp 7), launched in the United States, and generally striven to maintain its reputation and commitment to cutting edge and transgressive cult cinema.

Sunday, 4th December

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12pm – 1:30pm 6ft Hick: Notes from the Underground

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Strip the $$ out of rock 'n' roll, restore the danger and you're left with the raw force of 6ft Hick. Slog 6,000 kms across Europe with Australia's mangiest rock band, through 15 shows in 18 days, in a world where managers, roadies and riders give way to blood, sex, and pure adrenaline.

ABOUT 6FT HICK '6ft Hick: Notes From The Underground' is a behind-the-scenes music documentary that reveals the messy, all-too human face of the low-budget music scene in stark contrast to the perceived glamour of an internationally touring rock band. Raised on a chicken farm in rural Nambour, on Australia's northeast coast, front men Geoff and Ben Corbett sought their artistic beginnings in the 80s, dabbling in punk and performance art. They milked their North Queensland roots relentlessly for its inbred, bigoted imagery, filtered through wicked wit and self-deprecation. Touring for 15 years, the band has become an underground institution. One reviewer described their show as "an indistinguishable pulverising barrage of screams, sweat, spit and blood flowing over a fierce, raw pulsing din." Their shows engender an atmosphere of trance and possession as the duo lurch around the stage, barrel into the crowd, hang upside-down from lighting rigs, drink beer from boots, eat the contents of ashtrays, and blood let.

Their mild-mannered alter egos spend every waking moment maintaining day jobs and living normal lives, and amassing resources until they may re-awaken that beast. This documentary takes stock of the 6ft Hick machinery: what motivates and drives them in a world where music is about cashing in or bowing out? Offstage, these same figures are humble, considered and witty, offering candid insight into what they've created.

Directed by Marty Moynihan and produced by Karina Astrup.

2pm – 3:30pm All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

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LUFF Features Curator, Jack Sargeant, has selected Tim Rutili's 2010 "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers" for your viewing pleasure.

ABOUT THE FILM A unique, strange and very personal American gothic tale that focuses on the life of psychic Zel (Angela Bettis), a fortune teller who lives in a large house next to woods. Filled with ghosts including what appears to be a blind band (played by Califone), a bride and a priest amongst others, Zel offers her clients and the ghosts a conduit between worlds. Her daily routine consists primarily of channeling these spirits for her clients, helping the dead advise the living, until one day a light appears amongst the trees… Punctuated with beautiful musical interludes performed by 'post-rock' band Califone All My Friends Are Funeral Singers is a dream-like movie that offers a vision that combines an eclectic surrealism with an off beat narrative sensibility. First time director Rutili's work showcases the return of the indie director as a visionary filmmaker, immersed within his own creative world, a welcome change from mumblecore.

4 pm– 5:30pm Pixel Pirate 2 / The History of American Cinema

Advanced discounted tickets available for 3.50 GBP at: or 5GBP at the door.

“Sydney bred and - at least for the time being - Berlin based Soda Jerk have created a number of essential plunderphonic shorts which have wowed the underground circuit for the last few years. Their latest work is an album length mash-up and joyous cultural assault. Pixel Pirate 2: The Director's Cut re-imagines the role of cinema and the function of entertainment via some very sacred and familiar icons. This wild movie lays down the guantlet against all who want to uphold traditional notions of image and sound. Hilarious, gleeful and genuinely subversive remix entertainment! Pixel Pirate 2 is a shot of adrenalin into the imagination and a glorious realisation of the power of détournement”. Jack Sargeant, features curator for the London Underground Film Festival.

The session will start with a screening of Nick Ebeling’s short film “The History of American Movies 1974-2004”, with a score by Felix Da Housecat.

ABOUT PIXEL PIRATE 2 This 52 min video work is a critique of intellectual property law and a speculative history of sample-based culture that takes the form of a sci-fi / biblical epic / action movie. It is entirely constructed from audiovisual samples pirated from over 300 different sources. The narrative of this anti-copyright epic concerns a team of lunar video pirates who are trying to liberate recorded culture from the control of the evil tyrant Moses and his Copyright Commandments. The pirate's plan: to abduct Elvis Presley from the past and use his DNA to produce a video clone capable of assassinating Moses -- thereby altering the course of video history. First released in 2006, this project has been dramatically re-edited and re-envisioned for the 2011 Director's Cut.

ABOUT SODA_JERK Working together since 2002, Soda_Jerk is a collaboration between sisters Dan and Dominique Angeloro. They are based in Berlin and Sydney. In their video installations and performance lectures Soda_Jerk work with audiovisual samples to create speculative narratives that revise and interrogate historical events and cultural trajectories. By atomising and reassembling recorded culture they aim to manufacture counter-mythologies of the past that open new possibilities for thinking the present. This conceptual strategy also informs their practical methodology where sampling becomes a means of synthesising space-times to create alternate historical realities, producing a form of radical historiography that merges research, documentary and speculative fiction.

6pm – 8:30pm Maldoror: The Last Film Ever Made

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The London Underground Film Festival presents (and maybe even on 16mm) MALDOROR, a feature film in twelve Super 8mm episodes made by and starring the no-torious no-bility of UNDERGROUND CINEMA.

ABOUT MALDOROR Maldoror whose lips are sulphur, whose eyes are jasper, is stranded on Earth amongst the humanity he hates. His dark shadow haunts the day. At night he is pursued by phantoms and the memory of his unspeakable crimes. He searches the darkest secret corners of the world for revenge, for rest, for a companion. But he only ever finds horror, death and an endless battle against his arch enemy God and his loathsome Son. After an encounter with a festering angel, an amorous shark, a divine pubic hair and a dog on wheels, Maldoror embarks upon a course that leads inevitably to the final apocalyptic clash with the Creator himself!

ABOUT THE FILM In 1998 Duncan Reekie of the London Exploding Cinema Collective and Karsten Weber of the German Filmmgruppe Chaos got together and decided to make a Super 8 feature film of the infamous novel by Lautreamont. They selected around fifteen underground filmmakers/film groups from England and Germany and sent each one a chapter from the book and an invitation to make a film out of their chapter. Each maker could use different techniques, styles, actors and locations but there would be a voice over narration by one narrator over the entire feature.There was no budget for the production, the filmmakers had to put up their own money, although Karsten managed to raise some post- production finance. The makers dug out their cameras, blackmailed their friends and relatives into assistance and began to shoot. Some of them studied the novel, some of them read their chapter once through and then immediately lost it. Film came back overexposed , underexposed, out of focus, friends split up, equipment broke down, an irreplaceable roll of film disappeared. Three filmmakers dropped out. Two years later the surviving twelve emerged bleary eyed from darkened attics and smoke filled cupboards with edited films which were then enlarged to 16mm and assembled into the feature length film.Premiered in Germany in April 2000, Maldoror has hypnotised and thrilled both audiences and press... a cult classic for the price of a second hand car. The action takes place somewhere behind an impossible mesh of sex, violence, emulsion, bacteria, oil, bleach, petals, glue, dirt, abrasion, acid, superstition, glare, fur, insomnia, amphetamines and deep blue cold water. At first this mesh appears to be on the screen but slowly you realise that it is in fact behind your own eyes ! Despite its subject matter Maldoror is perhaps the most realistic feature film ever made, for although the big budget multiplex features strain with every tense and twisted fibre to conjure a world of carefree spontaneity they cannot compete with the reality of filmmakers who really don_t give a fuck. Whilst the multiplex constructs its reality with narrative, style, action and music, Maldoror uses all these techniques but also adds real human conflict, chance, technical distortion, film surface scrimshaw, creative democracy and diversity. Maldoror does not just conjure the illusion of reality, it is actually real at the same time. Its got something that the multiplex cannot offer...... WILDNESS. We have identified a gap in the market and we have turned that gap into a terrible breach. Make no mistake once you have seen it all other films are meaningless. After Maldoror, filmmaking is no longer possible; in fact, it no longer has any purpose.

"Les Chants de Maldoror is an essay and meditation about evil, rendered with sparkling wit and striking, strongly visual imagery." Gillian McIver

"...has a demented integrity" The Village Voice, New York

"one of the strangest films to come out of Britain in years." The Guardian

"The implications of this kind of filmmaking are huge." Discorder Magazine

"...this is true underground cinema." Fortean Times

"...a wild and bewildering affront to common civilised cinema." Time Out

ABOUT THE FILM-MAKERS Kerri Sharp • Filmgruppe Abgedreht • Duncan Reekie • Caroline Kennedy • Colette Rouhier • Filmgruppe Chaos • Steven Eastwood • Jenigerfilm • Andrew Coram • Hant Film • Paul Tarrago • Jennet Thomas • German voice over Feridun Zaimoglu • English Voice over Duncan Reekie • Based on the novel by Isidore Ducasse a.k.a. the Comte de Lautreamont translated by Alexis Lykiard • Idea and Co-ordination by Duncan Reekie and Karsten Weber • 16mm post-production supported by Kulturelle Filmforderung Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

9pm – 10:30pm Jon John’s “The Two of Us”

Advanced discounted tickets available for 3.50 GBP at: or 5GBP at the door.

The London Underground Film Festival is proud to present a live art and video performance by the French performance artist Jon John.

ABOUT JON JOHN: JJ's work is based on ritualistic acts, going through various civilisations, cultures, religions, eras and aesthetics. Using ancient procedures and rituallistic rites and merging them with his contemporary vision Jon John shows us something fresh. His performances result in physical live acts mixed with eroticism, mysticism, poetic sensibility and emotions. Love, sex, relationships and romanticism remain in his resently developed work. Jon John collaborates with artists such as Ron Athey, Kiril Bikov and Juano Diaz. This year marks his tenth year of performing in many art spaces and events all over Europe.

ABOUT "THE TWO OF US": This piece, The Two Of Us, will be the first performance of the complete work to be performed in London. Accompanied by a video installation, Jon John shares with the audience the ecstatic through his blood letting automatic writing (ecrits pourpres).