The London International Animation Festival

Friday 28th August - Sunday 30th August Doors 6:30 £10 The UK's largest animation festival - The London International Animation Festival (LIAF) - returns for it's sixth year and this time the festival kicks off with three astonishing nights of animation at the Horse Hospital. Fri 28 Aug - International panorama programmes 1, 2 and 3 Sat 29 Aug - The Best of the Next - International Graduation Festival programmes 1, 2 and 3 PLUS the Late Night Bizarre programme Sun 30 Aug - The Muzeek music video programmes Sessions 1 and 2. Tickets for each night are £10 London International Animation Festival information: Email: There's plenty more animated goodness happening at 3 other venues from August 28th - September 6th. Check out the LIAF website for full details. FULL PROGRAM ---->

International Panorama Programmes FRI 28 AUG, International panorama 1 - 7pm International panorama 2 - 8:15pm International panorama 3 - 9:30pm Welcome to LIAF's first international panorama series. This is a chance to show films that are just too good to be left out, films that didn't get the consensus nod in the jury room, arrived too late for Competition selection, or simply films the LIAF Director thought you should see. Programme 1 - 7PM Spare Change Ryan Larkin and Laurie Gordon Canada, 2008, 7'15 A surreal journey through the late animator Ryan Larkin's powerful and liberating imagination. The Invention of Happy Hour Sal Cooper Australia, 2009, 2'35 A horse walked into a bar. The barman said "Why the long face?" That was until they invented happy hour. Man is the only bird that carries his own cage Claude Weiss France, 2008, 12'00 A macabre allegory in which the souls of civilisation strive to escape the cages that hold them. Bill's Visitors Simon Deshon UK, 2008, 4'00 Bill has an understanding with local teenage boys, that he will buy beer for them. However when Cowan takes along his friend Jim for the first time, something about Jim encourages Bill to reveal more of himself to the boys than he ever has before. About Socks and Love Michaela Copikova Slovakia, 2008, 7'00 A film about love, but mostly about socks. Zoologic Nicole Mitchell USA, 2008, 4'25 Within the zoo's walls an overbearing zookeeper arranges the animals to his own liking. A Bicycle Trip L Varacini/N Nanbiar/M Avoletta Italy, 2009, 4'10A scientist accidentally ingests a chemical concoction and trips around town on his bike. Weltraffer Lukas Helmbrecht Germany, 2008, 4'00 The last 5 million years of history compressed into 4 minutes and 625 square centimetres. The Butter Dilemma Fabrice Fouquet France, 2008, 6'15 A recipe for brioche disguised as a love story (or vice versa). ____________________________________ Programme 2 - 8 - 15PM Mr Hasingers Homecoming Eva Becker Germany, 2009, 6'20 A film about the strangeness in the familiar and the familiar in strangeness. ECT: The Story of Two Women Laura Piraino USA, 2008, 5'15 A personal documentary about two women with clinical depression who 'return' to the lives they love after positive experiences with ECT treatment. Deconstruction Workers Kajsa Naess Norway, 2008, 6'00 Two construction workers and an everyday conversation about an existential question. Will they find the answer to one of the most common questions in the western world? This is JO3 Rory Lowe/Tom Shrapnel UK, 2008, 3'00 An 8bit digital man is stuck in our 21st century analogue world searching for a way home. Palimpsest Pia Borg UK, 9'00 A narrative compression of time, place and persons that captures the spirit of a 300 year-old building. For Socks Sake Carlo Vogele France, 2009, 4'45 A sock escapes from the clothesline to go clubbing in this stop-motion extravaganza. The Trap J Mannisto/J Kukkonen/J P Saari/J Korhonen Finland, 2008, 4'30 A tender story about a girl, her father and a fish. Mrs G Michael Zabka Czech Republic, 2008, 12'00 A puppet love-story about the co-existence of man and his very unusual life-partner. ____________________________________________________________ Programme 3 - 9-30PM Ed Pierre Alran/François Hosy/Olivier Renard/Nicolas Juncos France, 2008, 6'10 Ed stumbles on a Lego brick and life changes. Big Plans Irmgard Walthert Switzerland, 2008, 4'00 Despite well developed plans, it's very hard to construct a machine which sells apples. But a great idea occurs that should solve the case... Agenda Diek Grobler South Africa, 2008, 7'20 An everyday tale about a tea-girl serving tea to very important people. Khoda Reza Dolatabadi. UK, 2009, 5'00 6,000 paintings were painstakingly produced during two years to create this psychological thriller. Birdy Woznicka, Agnieszka Poland, 2009, 7'15 A lonely outsider takes desperate measures to realise his dream of flight. 2 Metros Javier Mrad/Javier Salazar/ Eduardo Maraggi, Argentina, 2008, 5’45 Two beings caught in a dispute of tiny proportions while time goes by, rolls and bounces. Colchique Jean-Luc Greco/Catherine Buffat France, 2008, 10'00 Ferdinand is a little boy who lives with his Mother and Aunt and their feisty dog, Colchique. Rhum Sale Remi Vandenitte Belgium, 2008, 5'00 After a shipwreck a man finds himself all alone on the open sea. Nico and Tina Rodolfo Pastor Spain, 2009, 8'30 Nico and Tina, hardened chain-smokers are preparing themselves for their date. A romance about the delights of tobacco. _________________________________________________ Best of the Next International Graduate Animation Festival SAT 29 AUG 7pm International Programme 1 8pm International Programme 2 9pm International Programme 3 Spirited, break-all-the-rules films packed with raw energy and vibrant ideas. Join us at the Horse Hospital for the next generation of creative animators. Best of the Next screenings are made up of the best graduate films from more than 60 schools in 20 countries in a special marathon of three not-to-be- missed programmes. 7pm International Programme 1 Frat Sebastian Durand, Julien Limon, Auretien Peis, Cedric Trezeguet Germany, (ESMA), 9'45 My Tough Animation Project Reggie Schickel USA, 6'15 Signalis Adrian Fluckiger Switzerland, (HGK), 4'45 Tale Of Rock Steven Payne, John Godwin UK, (Hertfordshire), 4'00 The Laboratory Animal Mark Smith New Zealand, (Media Design School), 2'15 The Coin Hsun-Chun Chuang Taiwan, (National Taiwan University of Science & Technology), 5'30 Hanna Was A Moron Ferderico Martin Germany, (Kunsthochschule Kassel), 1'15 Seconde Classe Boris Belghiti France, (Emile Cohl), 5'30 Ocean Size Romain Journderu, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazieres, Fabien Thareru France, (Supinfocom), 7'45 _____________________________________________________ 8pm International Programme 2 The Airship Danger Erik Benson USA (Calarts) 3'30 Accro David Martin, Marie Opran, Leonard Cohen France (ENSAD), 3'00 Yankee Girl Celine Desrumaux, Gary Levesque, Antoine Perez, Francois Pons France (Supinfocom) 4'45 The Last Temptation Of Crust Dax Norman USA, (Ringling), 2'45 2 Zhi Jin Korea, (Seoul National University), 4'30 Les Voyageurs Agnes Chevreau France, (EMCA), 3'15 The Deeply Concerning Dreams of Jayne Fortesque Jayne Fortesque, Alice Dunseath UK, (Goldsmith) 4'30 Rainbow Slide Sarka Stosarowai Czech Republic, (Zlin), 3'15 Trickster Alexander Pohl Germany, (HFF "Konrad Wolf") 15'30 9pm International Programme 3 I Have Seen The Future Cam Christiansen Canada, 6'00 Boyhive Jason Boesch USA, (Calarts), 2'45 Le Son Du Pignon David Martin France, (ENSAD), 2'30 IO Alex Ward, Rob Nelson, James Swindells UK, (Bournemouth), 3'15 Café Voyeur Low Don USA, (SCAD), 2'30 La Theorie Des Ensembles Juliette Hamon Damourette, Marc Herichor, Jao-Eka M'Chamgama France, (ENSAD), 4'15 Snegur Anastasiya Sokolova Russia, 5'45 Feet On The Floor Franz Kirchner France, (La Poudriere), 4'30 Bus Stop Boogaloo Gus Hughes, Paulina Brinck UK, (Institute Of Digital Inovation, The University of Teesdale) 4'45 Urs Moritz Mayerhofer Germany, (Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg), 9'00 _______________________________________________________________ Late Night Bizarre SAT 29 AUG, 10PM Warning, this program contains offensive material Pretty much what it says on the can - a compendium of the strangest or funniest (not always the same thing) films drawn from the 2000+ submissions we received. Expect smatterings of mindless violence, intriguing alternative views of the world, a few gutbusters and a visual overload or two. A LIAF tradition nowadays and a reminder - if one is needed - that animation knows no imaginative boundaries! I Live In The Woods Max Winston USA, 2007, 3'45 It has to be every crazed hillbilly's dream to kill all the cuddly animals with his bare hands. But what about God? Is nothing sacred? If you like your Gods intact and all powerful, this is probably not the film for you. Cuddle Sticks Mike Geiger Canada, 2008, 2'30 Crossing a line that even Kricfalusi might have drawn. A demented look at the origins of kiddie ice treats. Rescued Peter Parlegreco USA, 2008, 8'15 A stranger arrives in a surreal world where nothing is as it seems. Not even close. Yesno Antonio Amaral France, 2008, 8'00 Surrealism meets up with Crumb for a coffee and takes a long walk through Crazytowne. Morph Mush Mash Alex Cormack USA, 2007, 2'30 A crazed, wonderful head-warping extravaganza. Ex-Ergo Yolyanko William Cuba, 2008, 1'00 A text book example of how to eat yourself set to the music of Aphrodite's Child. Fantasie In Bubblewrap Arthur Metcalf USA, 2007, 3'45 Even bubblewrap has feelings. Lots of feelings. Especially when you start popping them one at a time. They begin to wonder out loud which bubble will be next. Morris And The Other Edwin Rostron UK, 2008, 4'00 A most peculiar collection of arms, legs, heads, kites, tanks, trucks and trolleys. Turducken Steve Stark USA, 2008, 3'15 What do you get when you stuff a chicken into a duck into a turkey? "Three birds, One Hell Of A Detective", that’s what. Clean The Restroom Hung-Hsin Shih Taiwan, 2008, 2'15 It's not a career that suits everyone, but a little rhythm makes cleaning restrooms a lot more fun than it could be. Happy Birthday To Me Hui-Shan Lee Taiwan, 2008, 4'15 A heart-felt birthday greeting from the furthest reaches of a wondrous psychedelic soul. Odeki+Naoki Yamaji Japan, 2007, 4'30 OK - where to begin! A chronicle showcasing the explosively painful mishaps of a slightly mutated variant of the male of the species who has problems keeping his tenderest appendage under cover. Another Way To Fly Eva Andujar Spain, 2008, 5'00 After a midnight insect attack, a man goes through a brain-rattling, full technicolour transformation. Superjail Aaron Augenblick USA, 2007, 12'00 Welcome to Superjail, an ultra-violent prison complex run by a mad Willy Wonka-esque warden channelling some kind of warped combo of Fred Astaire on speed and a wild-eyed Year 4 school teacher. ____________________________________________________________________ Muzeek - Music video panorama SUN 30 AUG, 7PM AND 9PM - HORSE HOSPITAL 44 of the world's best and most innovative music videos in two 90 minute programmes - hand-picked by the Museek Festival in Russia. Here's a chance to see singing Turkish market workers, a Japanese pyjama dance, Russian street performers, a flipbook based film, a home movie of Animal Collective having fun at night and much, much more. Session 1 7PM Animals - Minilogue Kristofer Strom Sweden, 2008, 3'40 One with the Freaks - The Notwist Keith Schofield USA, 2006, 3'31 Shorebound - Epic45 Paul Banks UK, 2008, 2'25 Lights - Lyapis Trubetskoy Alexei Terekhov Russia, 2008, 3'30 Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros Arni and Kinski Iceland, 2005, 4'28 Sundown - Daedalus Clay Lipsky USA, 2006, 3'19 Satellite - 4 Bonjour's Parties Takayuki Kozyma Japan, 2007, 5'00 Dubus - Zelany Rashoho AV Russia, 2005, 4'09 The Rain - Lou Rhodes Virgilio Villoresi & Erica il Cane Italy, 2007, 3'26 Girl and the Sea - The Presets Lee Lennox UK, 2005, 4'40 Wasted - Matthew Bryan Raymond Prado USA, 2008, 4'11 OK - Shitdisco Price James UK, 2007, 4'20 Central and Remote - Grizzly Bear Jesse Ewles USA, 2007, 4'28 Love Park! - Mujuice Roma Litvinov Russia, 2008, 5'20 Papal Broken-Dance - Psychic TV Marie Losier USA, 2008, 6'00 Boa - Eglantine Gouzy Sophie Gateau France, 2006, 3'00 A Joy - Four Tet and Kieran Hebden Jodie Mack USA, 2005, 3'03 You Got Me Up - Jamie Lidell Tom Scholefield Scotland, 2006, 2'00 Fugaz - The Pinker Tones Celia Galan & Ana Lorenz Spain, 2008, 4'28 Sloup - Susumu Yokota Imery Watson UK & New Zealand, 2006, 4'50 Motherfucker - Fordamage Kids of Eighties France, 2007, 2'53 Just Like A Drummer - The Wave Pictures Eduardo Benchoam Guatemala, 2008, 4'37 _____________________________________________________ Session 2 9PM Russian Wanderer - Celtic Folk Song Andrei Kagadeev & Nikolai Kopeikin Russia, 2008, 4’00 Rock My Boat - Dntel Jenny Coburn & Thomas Hicks & Will Perrens UK, 2006, 4'10 Summertime Cowboy - Husky Rescue Miikka Lommi Finland, 2007, 3'27 Untitled 1 - Gianluca Porcu Masha Godovannaya Russia, 2005, 4'00 Apple & Ei - Marco Meister Ahmet Tas Germany, 2007, 5'35 She's the One - Caribou Daniel Eskils Sweden, 2008, 4'00 Toe Jam - The BPA Keith Schofield USA, 2008, 3'27 Silver - Dolphin Pavel Egorov Russia, 2005, 4'00 Squeeze Me - Kraak and Smaak Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach The Netherlands, 2008, 3'25 Lightning Bolts and Man Hands - Hymie's Basement Markus Wambsganss Germany, 2004, 6'16 Breasts on his Back - Son of Robot Scott Coello UK, 2008, 1'46 You Act Like a Baby - Tribes of the City Edgar Dubrovskiy Latvia - UK, 2008, 5'20 Micronomic - Lali Puna Catrin Sonnabend Germany, 2005, 3'40 Florian - Cocorosie Andrew Gibbs UK, 2008, 4'34 My Way - Starskee K + Me Japan, 2008, 4'00 House of Cards - Radiohead James Frost UK, 2008, 4'32 4xtra - Sheiks Tilman Hatje & Lukas Thiele Germany, 2008, 2'38 Insomnia - Electric President Radical Friend USA, 2007, 4'17 An Average Idea - Love in October Lindsey J. Testolin USA, 2007, 1'42 Will the Summer make Good For All of our Sins? - mum Marc Craste UK, 2004, 4'02 Fireworks - Animal Collective Jon Leone USA, 2007, 6'50 Bedroom Bossa Band - Lullatone Lullatone Japan, 2006, 2'53