LIAF 08 logo.jpgMonday 1st September Session 1: 7pm: Idiots and Angels Session 2: 8-30: The Kings of Time Session 3: 10pm: Late night Bizarre £7/£6 members & concessions OR £15/£12 members & concessions all 3 sessions THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL returns to the Horse Hospital to present 3 sessions of amazing animation to kick-start this year's festival. Join us on the opening night of LIAF 08 for the British premiere of two feature films and the welcome return of our 'Late Night Bizarre' short film programme - guaranteed to offend and entertain in equal measures! For more information about everything else screening at this year's festival, the UK's largest stand-alone animation festival, please refer to the festival website at SESSION 1 7PM 'Idiots and Angels' (Director: Bill Plympton) USA, 2008, 80 MINS Over 20 years into his career Bill Plympton still hand draws each cel. Rough and visceral, his cartoons display the pleasure and challenge of every line he draws. "Idiots and Angels", his sixth feature, is a dark comedy about a man's battle for his soul. Angel, a selfish and morally bankrupt man, wakes up one morning with wings on his back. He tries to hide them, but eventually everyone at Bart's Bar, where he hangs out, discovers them and ridicules him about his bizarre appendages. This slyly sardonic black comedy full of sexual longing and twisted fantasy showcases his unique graphic pencil-drawn style, and is underscored by the groaning music of Tom Waits, Pink Martini, Moby and others. SESSION 2: 8-30 The Kings of Time (Director Mait Laas) Estonia, 72 MINS This thoroughly engaging documentary tells the story of the world-renowned Estonian puppet animation studio Nukufilm - a documentary with elements of animation about 85-year-old Elbert Tuganov and 80-year-old Heino Pars - two animators and artists who despite changing times have become masters of their domain... In the 1950's when the first Sputnik was launched into space, rivers were reversed and hydraulic power plants built, at the same time, in a far corner of the Soviet Union, two Estonian men started to play with puppets. Why? The protagonists of the 72-minute documentary are two different film directors, two different creators: Elbert Tuganov and Heino Pars, who, in spite of changing times, have established themselves as the kings of time. SESSION 3: 10pm LATE NIGHT BIZARRE SESSION - 17 short films (approximate running time - 75 minutes) eve.jpg Crazed, weird, extreme or just impossible to explain plots - a mind-boggling compendium of the wildest animated ideas horse-whipped up to warp speed and transported back from parallel universes. It's a fairly eclectic mix with something to offend and entertain in fairly equal measure so sit back, buckle up and check out this collection of porn loving popes, psychotic giggling farmers, animals getting their heads ripped off, vegetable races and psychedelic amoeba sex. The Evil Empire, The Harvester, Golden Age: Lancaster Loon, 13 Ways To Die At Home, Fish Getting Pissed On A Semi, Her Lovely Fears, Golden Age: Hansel And Gretel, Global Warming, Eden, The Elastic Barber, Golden Age: Antsy And The Bugaboos, The Legs, Elephant Girl, Our House, ¡Ay Caramba!, Golden Age: Sketch Towers, Walk For Walk, MORE INFO---->

The Evil Empire Russell Lowe, Federico Solmi Australia, 2008, 4'15 A porn crazed pope sends an army into battle. WARNING: This film contains content of a graphic sexual nature which may offend some viewers. The Harvester Wei-Chang Sun Korea, 2007, 1'00 Laughter maybe the best medicine - but what if you're completely nuts to start with. Golden Age: Lancaster Loon Aaron Augenblick USA, 2007, 3'00 Seeing a man completely strung out on addictive cereal is a horrible sight. 13 Ways To Die At Home Lee Lanier USA, 2007, 3'00 By this we mean... 13 Ways To Die At Home that you'd never be able to imagine in a million years. Fish Getting Pissed On A Semi Jeremy Austin Australia, 2007, 2'00 The title probably tells you all you need to know. Her Lovely Fears Ben Wheele UK, 2007, 2'45 With a hefty nod to a kind of digital Terry Gilliam, this film sets about showing us why a mad menagerie of creatures is so obsessed with Dabeir. Golden Age: Hansel And Gretel Aaron Augenblick USA, 2007, 3'00 Did they or didn't they? Global Warming Sheldon Lieberman, Igor Coric Australia, 2007, 2'00 An hilarious musical homage to denialism. Eden Hye-Won Kim Korea, 2007, 3'45 A naked, head rippin', horn pullin', animal skinnin' romp through God's original garden of bounty. The Elastic Barber Milla Nybondas Finland, 2007, 5'30 Shivering sheep have to wait for their haircuts while the giraffe chases down the killer bee that stole his cap. Golden Age: Antsy And The Bugaboos Aaron Augenblick USA, 2007, 3'00 A tribute to the original bug band and the fragile insect genius behind their rise and their ultimately unlistenable album Firefly Fart Fondue. The Legs Hae-Young Lee Korea, 2007, 8'30 One man's eye-popping battle with a set of crazy legs. Elephant Girl David Lobser USA, 2007, 4'30 An invasion of moths and rolling eggs quickly leads to some twisting tongue action on a couch - until the tongue breaks free. Our House Stock'n'Wolf Germany, 2007, 8'30 A warts and all fiesta of stop-motion techniques and surprises. As we wait for the spider on the top floor to finish her web, we fill in the time witnessing a catalogue of homicidal chain reactions that highlight the risks of living so close to your neighbours. ¡ Ay Caramba! M. Harzog, M. Lukhaup, V. Pfeifenberger, R. Ziegler Germany, 2007 3'45 A sponge, a salad, a balloon, a car and a pair of socks take part in an epic race under the gaze of an omnipresent jury who seem happy to randomly interfere for no other purpose than the pleasure of exercising their rights as gods. Golden Age: Sketch Towers Aaron Augenblick USA, 2007, 3'00 A place of horror and intrigue where old, barely imagined and unfinished animated characters are locked up forever. Walk For Walk Amy Lockhart Canada, 2006, 10'00 The ultimate fully loaded, 240volt, chrome plated, nuclear powered, chocolate dipped romp on the psychedelic side.