The London International Animation Festival

logo.jpgFriday 24th August 7pm £7/£5 members & concessions Mind- boggingly bizarre animation! The London International Animation Festival (LIAF) returns to the heart of London with an exciting, intriguing, inspiring, sometimes controversial, thoroughly comprehensive collection of animation from 21 to 26 August. This is the UK's fastest growing animation festival, only in its fourth year, but the largest festival of its kind in the UK. The best, new animation in the world will be brought to London audiences with over 200 films, most of them British premieres, represented in a series of amazing programmes and satellite events. LIAF 2007 promises an exciting and eventful six days of the best in local and international animation. With films from 28 countries LIAF will proudly showcase the whole spectrum of creative animation, showing that animation is so much more than slick blockbusters and special effects. LIAF 2007 is sure to challenge, engage and inspire its audience through a comprehensive presentation of outstanding animated shorts. This year we are very proud to be screening a special programme of films at the Horse Hospital. Bubble, The Woodsmen, Bach is Dead, Kuzai Heart You Girl and Daddy and James For more details check out the LIAF website at or email

Mind- boggingly bizarre animation! Crazy, weird, impossible to explain plots, a boggling compendium of crazed ideas horse whipped up to warp speed and transported back from parallel universes. A tribute to imaginations cut - completely - loose. Join us for this collection of the London International Animation Festival 07's nuttiest moments. Curiosity Lorcan Finnegan, Ireland, 2'30 Curiosity killed the weird little wobbly legged things. Bach Is Dead Audrey Spiry, France, 1'30 Bach Is Dead! Bach Is Dead! Bach Is Dead!...... sing with me now.... The Woodsman - "The Hole" Bart Batcher, Chris Neilson, Canada, 4'30 Tres weirderino! How much fun can two guys have in a hole in the ground? The Woodsman - "Claudenapped" Bart Batcher, Chris Neilson, Canada, 4'30 Tres weirderino II! A hopelessly flawed attempt at a double self-kidnapping. Hello, My Name Is Joe Dillon Markey, USA, 2'00 "Hello, my name is Joe and I work in the button factory". Prelude to a meltdown. Once Upon A Time In My Wife Joost Lieuwma, Holland, 4'15 The title says it all. Bring a flashlight. Bubble Arpad Miklos, Hungary, 3'00 Out there..... way, way out there. Super K-Net Ali Rahmoun, Belgium, 6'30 Tin cans, electrical appliances and a fish out of water. A vicious fight for domination. Sharing Bears Steven Ford, USA, 1'15 Too cute.... no, seriously.... way TOOOOO cute! Earthman Taylor Freshley, USA, 9'30 Somebody's loosing their grip on reality here. The Tale Of How The Blackheart Gang, South Africa, 4'30 A swirling, surging, digi-psychedelic romp through a bizarre ocean floor. Daddy And James Dave Carter, Australia, 1'30 There's more than one way to bring da chicken home! Kuzai Heart You Girl ShineStrength, New Zealand, 2'30 A beautifully animated music video with the imagination meter set to "Out There" Susie Cathy Snelling, Cathy, UK, 3'45 Even a written synopsis for this one would have trouble passing the censor. Far West Fernando Nieto, France, 4'00 Self imposed surgery in the pursuit of a more rapid form of animating. The pain! Taste Of Life Ulo Pikkov, Estonia, 11'15 Extreme surrealist massage as a metaphor for the big issues of life.